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Occasions to gift a Digital Oil Painting

Occasions to gift a Digital Oil Painting

October 30, 2021

Digital oil painting is a great gift for someone who is celebrating a special moment. For all those times when you have been very confused as to what special gift you can give, you now have a solution and an amazing one.

Gifts are a wonderful way to express your happiness, emotions and joy when you celebrate special moments. But sometimes, choosing the right gift that feels neither too much nor too less is quite a daunting task. You cannot pick up anything you see and call it a gift. It should carry a value, it should really make the receiver feel joyous and if it’s done right, it can make them feel emotional as well.

So what can be some perfect occasions to give someone a digital oil painting?

Festivals like Diwali

Diwali is that time of the year when the entire family gets together and celebrates joyous moments. It’s all fun and laughter. In your family, you might be celebrating festivals like Thanksgiving or Christmas. Occasions like these demand gifts that can make the celebrations even more enjoyable. You can select a picture of your family and get a beautiful family portrait painting.

A Baby’s First Birthday

A baby’s first birthday is a joyous occasion for their parents and their entire family. When you go to visit the baby on their first birthday, you will see most of the gifts to be toys or some utility gifts for mothers. Now you don’t want to give something that common, right? You can source the baby’s very first pictures with the mom or dad or with both of them and give them a beautiful children portrait painting.

A Special Birthday Gift

Birthdays are one of the most special days of a person’s life, especially when it’s a 25th or a 50th birthday, it is all the more special. Rather than giving those cliched gifts like perfume or a watch, this time you can gift your friend or loved one a self portrait painting. This will be a gift that they will cherish for a lifetime. Such a thoughtful gift is sure to become one of their most prized possessions.

Celebrate the bond of love

Are your friends celebrating their first anniversary? Are they celebrating 10 joyous years of their married life? Make their beautiful occasion more memorable with a couple portrait painting. You can select one of their old pictures from their courtship period, probably one that they might have almost forgotten about and you can give them a wonderful surprise.
If you are celebrating your wedding anniversary or an anniversary of the first time you met them, you can select a picture from those memories and make the celebration cherishable.

Valentine’s Day

Roses? Chocolates? Teddy Bears? A candle-light dinner? Yea all that is good but don’t you want to do something your partner would totally not be expecting? You can decorate their room with a lot of photographs and keep one framed digital oil painting in the centre of your arrangement.

Father’s Day

For every child, their father is a superhero. From teaching how to ride a bicycle to teaching how to actually lead life, their role in our life is unmatched. Do you often see your father enjoying your childhood pictures? How about you give him a memory to cherish for a lifetime! The photographs you have with him from your childhood might be worn out, faded or chipped. You can get an old photo restoration done and give him a beautiful painting. Such a gift will definitely make him emotional and he will look after it oh so happily.

Mother’s Day

Any gift you give to your mother is nothing in front of the love, the care and the happiness that she has given you. On Mother’s Day, you can gift her all the memories that you have shared with her. You can select a lot of her childhood pictures, pictures of your childhood, pictures of special moments that you have chosen together and get them printed. Now there might be some pictures from her young days which might be her absolute favourite. With Oilpixel, you can get an Old Photo Restoration done and surprise her with a beautiful painting of that picture.

Congratulations on a Graduation

Graduating from college is an important milestone in a person’s life. Celebration of achievements like these can make a person feel valued and is a great appreciation of their efforts. You can give them a Digital Oil Painting on their graduation day and to make this activity fun, you can select a picture from their childhood in a school uniform and get it painted by us. Seeing the childhood moment will be a beautiful reminder of how far they have come.

Housewarming gift

Moving to a new house, starting life afresh, decorating the house is like a level-up for a couple. They work hard, they inch closer to their ambitions and finally move into the house of their dreams. A couple portrait painting can be a gift that will make you stand out in a crowd of other gifts. It will be a beautiful piece of home decor and every time they look at it, they will feel positive about their achievement.

Paintings can evoke beautiful emotions in whoever receives them. They remain special when gifted and for a long long time even after that. We at OilPixel have been recreating memories for more than 15 years now. Our paintings have spread smiles for more than 7000 families over all these years and we find our joy in making occasions special for you.

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