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This Mother’s Day, pamper her with a Digital Oil Painting

This Mother’s Day, pamper her with a Digital Oil Painting

April 23, 2021

No one else in this world can love you like your mother! A mother starts her sacrifices right from the day when her child’s presence is felt inside her womb. She goes through unimaginable pain, just to prioritise her child’s health, that’s how her selfless love speaks. A mother’s love is a feeling which cannot be expressed enough in words because it is as deep as an ocean. The power of her love is realised whenever we are stuck somewhere and the only one we can think of is her! Her lap is a heavenly escape from all your worldly problems. Even from our silence, she can understand those unsaid words. Having a mother is the biggest blessing showered upon anyone! A mother starts her morning with the sole purpose of nurturing her family. This mother’s day, a digital oil painting can surprise her in the morning with endless excitement!

Right till the nightfall, a mother hardly takes any break and never even complains about the million tasks that she does. With no holidays in her planner, her life just goes on by fulfilling her family’s dream. In a child’s life, a mother finds her too! As a child goes through different phases of life, so does a mother. On all your birthdays, nobody is as excited as your birth giver who plans hundreds of surprises to light up your day. While you are always in a rush to make your life different, you forget about how one gift from you can make so much difference to her. It’s time to pamper the one who pushes you to live all your dreams. Why not start by honouring our real-life hero with a digital oil painting? A digital portrait painting can help you keep your cutest memories afresh with her.

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Marion C. Garretty rightly quoted that “A mother’s love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.” When nobody believes in you, remember that this person will always have your back. We have examples of various famous personalities who were not accepted at their schools but were later on supported only by their mothers and ended up doing wonders! She definitely knows how to light up your dull day by keeping all your favourite stuff ready for you. You would have seen her buy personalized gifts for you. You would have never come across any demands from her in return for all these loving deeds. Your first teacher teaches you some of the most valuable lessons i.e loving without calculating any return cost, valuing humanity over possessions, respecting everyone irrespective of any differences and the list goes on. A photo to digital painting stands as the most rewarding gesture for any being by cherishing and paying homage to these souls who lie above all! No words can do justice to explaining the true significance of a mother in your life.

Having a day associated with her which is round the corner, did you know how Mother’s day came into recognition? After the heavenly abode of her mother in 1905, Anna Jarvis held a memorial in 1908 at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia. She started a campaign to get this day recognised as a holiday in the United States. Initially, her request to mark this day as a holiday was denied but later in 1911, a proclamation was finally signed and this special day was officially born! A whole day as a token of thanks to our mother dearest! Mother’s day is a reminder to you that your moms deserve to get all the love and generosity that she empowers us with. Her immense contribution in building you as you are should be rolled up as a surprise to her in the form of a digital oil painting.

Oilpixel can help you recreate a photo to digital painting in an advanced form. With 15+ years of expertise in digitally handmade paintings, you can make use of this dramatic gifting to bring out all your emotions this mother’s day. At Oilpixel, you will be presented with a rolled canvas after an intense stroking session is completed on our Wacom tablet. Each pixel is carefully painted and executed. Your emotions will be brought out extraordinarily. You can pick a suitable size. The quality of the painting and the size justifies the quoted price. Our in-house artisans are the best in art-portrait painting, photo restoration, photo finishing and photo manipulation.

As your mother brings out perfection, so will her digital portrait painting. That’s our promise. Each bit of your mother’s persona will be manifested in her digital oil painting. Our precision painting is surely a thoughtful pick for your beloved mother. Those who unfortunately don’t have them around can feel their existence with this uniquely created artistry with technology. A valuable gift can add value to the environment and people around you. Take a look at those times in your life with your mother, the only time which has the most affectionate meaning. Let’s make this mother’s day a surprise by recalling crisp memories with her.


A Gift for your mother is deserved on any day of the calendar year. Not bound to just a day because it’s a mother’s world! Was there any day when she did not believe, support, guide, love, care or encourage you? Not a single, right? So let’s bestow warmth to your first best friend by taking her for a walk, for shopping, do her grocery tasks, help her with domestic chores, treat her with some therapeutic pampering, take her around to places, cook her favourite meal and most importantly, buy personalized gifts to amaze yourselves with the sight of your overwhelmed mother. Confused to select a perfect gift for your loved ones? Get a digitally drawn portrait done and get it delivered within 10-12 working days. For more details feel free to reach out to us at @oilpixel (Instagram), (e-mail) or call us at +91-79-4009 8388. We deliver painted happiness across the globe. To make the blesser feel blessed, let’s not wait!

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