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What is the best Diwali gift for a family? (#1 is a must know)

What is the best Diwali gift for a family? (#1 is a must know)

October 27, 2021

Diwali is known to be one of the most awaited Indian festivals. Right from the young to the elders, everyone celebrates this festival with lots of excitement, togetherness and love. It remarks victory over evil and overall despair and brings along a rise of hope. There are lots of fireworks, feasts, prayers and charity happening around. It’s the time when India feels the liveliest.

Since India is a diverse country and everyone has different rituals to follow, different regions celebrate Diwali in their own interesting and versatile way. For eg: In Bengal, Diwali coincides with Kali Puja so people deck the idols up with flowers, give offerings and seek blessings from them. In Varanasi, they believe that gods and goddesses come down to earth and take a dip in Ganga, so people offer prayers there and decorate the banks with diyas and rangolis. In Odisha, they burn jute sticks to call upon their ancestors and seek blessings from them. These are a few different perspectives and ways of celebration in the country.

All in all, people see it as a festival that celebrates the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. With its onset, it brings in the most joyous times, lots of lights, colours (rangolis), new clothes and delectable sweets at home.

People from all over the nation travel back to their roots to celebrate the festival together with their families.

Now, if you are also planning to meet your beloved families and friends on this auspicious occasion, quite often would find yourself running out of some out-of-the-box ideas and just end up being stuck with that “What to gift” thought.

Just like every year. You can opt for digital portrait painting which can be a whole new concept for your family. Don’t worry, here is a list curated specially for you to review on some unique and best Diwali gifts for a family:

1. Digital Portrait Painting: You can always play it safe by gifting flowers or sweets but the artwork is something that cannot be easily forgotten like other gifts. They will surely not be as mundane and boring. There are a lot of positive aspects of this precious form of gifting.

  • Will evoke a lot of emotions: Your family will be able to understand your conveyed feelings much deeper with the help of colours, shapes, lines and textures portrayed in the digital portrait painting. It will also raise the potential to evoke very strong yet emotional conversations between you and your family.
  • Bring life to the dull walls: This will not only improve the interiors of your old ancestral homes but will also help them come back to life. Modern art forms like these which help you create a family portrait painting, also help in bringing back the old memories.
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This will make you all appreciate the little things that you cherished while in that moment. This will raise a lot of positive emotions along. A sight of this will be just so soothing and will help your family members unwind.

  • Timeless Possession: Digital portrait painting holds a timeless charm and also carries the potential to please your senses aesthetically. This is because of the vibrant flow of colours carefully done while painting. You can check the paintings prepared by the in-house professionals of Oilpixel and choose to take such sentimental pieces home.

2. Toran: Another thoughtful Diwali gift for your family could be a toran. It is said that if torans are tied at your entrances, then they will help in keeping away all the evil and negative energies.

It will help in bringing positive energies and good luck to you. Also, it comes with a lifespan that is longer than the usual traditional floral ones. All in all, this makes a perfect enlightening decor for the spaces and will cheer your family and guests up.

3. Old Photo restoration: Unexpected gifts are the best. Just like getting an old photo restored. Restoring the old ancestral photos, re-living the memories of the long-lost members can be overwhelming. Hold the memories safe, do not let them just wither away.

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With Old photo restoration, you can get scratches, damages removed and get a quick cleaned-up image. It also re-colors and refurbishes the photo. Once this is done, you can get the photo framed, or get it printed on a gift box, stationery items like calendars, diaries etc. In this way, you can take their blessings at every step of your life.

Take a glimpse of the photo restoration services provided by Oilpixel so far. You will get a clearer idea of how your beloved photo or your family portrait painting will turn out to be like.

4. A Religious Idol: This conventional and thoughtful form of gifting can be your pick. As per the religious and spiritual factors, idols of deities like Lord Lakshmi, Lord Ganesha, Lord Rama etc. can be your considerations.

Watch the smiles of your elders widen and shower them with blessings of the lords and a much more positively vibed space.

5. Home-made sweets and chocolates: These are simply irresistible. Sweets and chocolates complete a celebration but how wonderful it will be if you end up making them on your own? For sure there will be extra love and care mixed in the process.

You can also consider preparing a digital oil painting from photos to get it printed on the chocolate box. This can be another sweet and simple gesture to showcase your love for them.

6. Scented Candles: Creating an appealing vibe can be done best by a set of scented candles. So, by gifting these, you can foster sweet and fresh fragrances along with lots of happiness.

Your family members can use this as another decorative element to enliven the space. They can place these around the corner, living room area, balconies etc. Assure a welcoming environment with these fragrances.

With this, we hope that you were able to pick the most suitable gift for your family. In case you have decided to opt for digital oil painting or photo restoration services, place your order now! Reach out to us at +91-79-40098 388 or email us at in case of any query too. We can’t wait to brighten up your Diwali.

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