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Give him a gift of memories with a Digital Oil Painting this Father’s Day!

Give him a gift of memories with a Digital Oil Painting this Father’s Day!

May 18, 2021

While a mother showers a child with all the love and care, a father is a person who makes sure that childhood becomes pleasant. He is someone who knows how to make his kid smile. This debt for shaping life and filling it with joy can never be paid off, but expressing gratitude can be one way to thank him. A special gift of memories can make him feel special.

Father’s day is around the corner. How are you planning to celebrate it? You must have started researching gift ideas. If this is the case, then we are here to help you out! Thinking about the following three points can help you choose a great gift. The uniqueness of your gift, how it can stay relevant in the life of the receiver & the emotional value that a gift has. A digital oil painting meets all these conditions. This makes it a superb gift that & with a painting from OilPixel you can make your father’s day special!

Dive in your favourite memories

To make a digital oil painting you need a reference picture. This is when you take a deep dive into your old pictures. Find a good photograph of your father on your hard drive or cloud. You can restore any of his old memory with our restoration services as well. then you can do that too. Get your albums from the cupboard or shelves, wipe out the dust and start finding a great photograph. This memory should hold a special place in your life. If you have any sibling or your mother around, then asking for help can get the job done quicker.

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Do you have a photograph from your father’s young days? How about getting a  self portrait painting made from that photograph? This gift can surely bring back memories of his youthful times and make him feel nostalgic. You can also include everyone else in this gifting experience.

With a family photograph, you can opt for a family portrait painting & revisit your family memories on this father’s day. The idea here is to gift memories & express gratitude. The freedom to choose your favourite memory lies with you and thus pick a picture that can touch hearts. We will do the rest!

Send us your picture & sit back and relax

Once it’s clear, what type of painting that you want, you can send your photograph to us via email at or upload it here by filling in the necessary details. You will hear back from our team at the earliest. Once we have the reference picture, our artists will start working on your digital oil painting. We need around a week to complete a painting.

We share the softcopy with you before the printing and our artist can consider any requests such as background colours, texture and patterns etc. Your paintings are printed on archival canvas & then these printed rolls are packed in plastic containers to ensure safe delivery. Depending on your location the time for delivery can vary. However, our trusted delivery partners try their best to deliver your painting right on time.

Plan a perfect surprise 

Getting a digital portrait painting from us is just half the work. The surprise is not over yet. How you gift it to your father is equally important as well. Planning a perfect surprise for your father is a way to hand over this special gift.

How about writing down feelings for your father & giving that letter along with the painting? These are some suggestions to help you get started & you can get creative with this. Do take a video capturing this beautiful moment & share it with us.

It’s the joy in these small moments that connects us personally with you all. Our artists consider each of these projects as unique and memorable & they put their heart & soul in every photo to digital painting that they create.

Why a digital painting?

It may occur to your mind that what makes a digital painting special. Remember the points discussed earlier? While most gifts lose their importance or relevance with time, a digital oil painting stays relevant in a receiver’s life despite the changing times.

Secondly, it keeps reminding the receiver about the special person who gifted it to them. Most importantly, it is unique. It means there is no other painting like it. The freedom to choose a memory of your choice gives you the power to pick up a memory that is special to you.

Moments can be forgotten but the memories stay. This is why memories are special. The photo to digital painting gives these memories a physical form so that they can stay right in front of your eyes. So if you want a gift that stands out and connects the receiver with you in an emotional way, then this is the gift you were looking for!

Spreading happiness with our paintings

We are an art studio based out of Ahmedabad, India and we have, so far, delivered more than 7500 paintings all across the world.

Our team of artists likes to bring these stories forward through their paintings. Your moments, our strokes, and the end result are these beautiful paintings that seize your treasure emotions. If you like to make people around you feel special, then do consider gifting them a digital oil painting that can bring smiles to their faces.

Joining the conversation

If you liked the idea of digital paintings and looking forward to buy personalized gifts, you can reach out to us.

Subscribe to us on our social media handles where we keep bringing the content related to personalized gifts, gifts ideas and memories. You can write to us and share your videos or images about the gifting experiences with our paintings. With your permission, we would like to share those beautiful moments with the OilPixel community.

When you create a painting with us, you become a part of the OilPixel family. Behind every painting that we make, it’s the emotion that pushes us to do the good work.

You can write to us and share your unique experiences and stories with us!

Feel free to join us in the comment section & share your valuable thoughts and opinions.

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