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Why are digital portrait paintings a top pick for an anniversary gift?

Why are digital portrait paintings a top pick for an anniversary gift?

March 23, 2021

Anniversaries are one of those moments in life that are worth celebrating. They give a chance to take a moment and reflect on some of the most special occasions of life. Sailing through the ups and downs of life, achieving these milestones is a great success. Whether you are celebrating the completion of six months since your first date, or it’s your fifth marriage anniversary, each of these moments is special. These events allow you to connect with your loved ones, reaffirming faith in a beautiful future. While you celebrate these events with your loved ones, a thoughtful gift like a Digital portrait painting can make them feel special. For example, a couple digital painting can totally surprise your partner on their birthday. If you are searching a gift for an anniversary, then it’s very natural to get confused with thousands of options around. There are many gifts that you can choose from. We will help you out in finalizing a perfect gift that can make the upcoming anniversary memorable for your loved ones.

What makes a gift special?
There are several misconceptions when it comes to gifts. Most often, factors such as price, appearance, visual appeal, uniqueness etc. are attributed to the completeness of a gift. However, it’s the intention with which a gift is given that makes it special. The shelf life of these gifts also plays a crucial role in deciding their relevance in a persons’ life. If the gift is not relevant to the changing times, the person may soon lose interest in that gift. However, if a gift is timeless then it can stay forever with someone. This is where a digital portrait painting can do wonders for you. These paintings seize special places not just in the receiver’s home but also in their hearts. These paintings are a great way of cherishing special memories.

Freedom to choose your favourite moment
Digital painting is a completely new art form. It has evolved over the last few years. These paintings are a great fusion of artistry and technology. These are created from photographs of your choice. This ‘freedom to choose’, is something that makes these paintings very special. Whether it’s a picture from your bike trip to Ladakh or snaps captured by you from a boathouse in Kerala, you can give life to your favourite moments.

Sophisticated artistry that speaks for itself
Digital paintings are a work of art. There is a lot of effort that goes into bringing life to each of these paintings. The art of photo to digital painting conversion involves several steps right from selecting a good picture, finding a complementary background, stroke work, perfecting composition and many more. The end results are always stunning. These paintings are made while paying attention to every critical detail. This is the reason why each of these paintings seizes the attention of everyone around.

Creative freedom that embraces possibilities
In the world of digital oil paintings, it is possible to incorporate a few recommendations as you like. For example – the background, a colour shade of your choice, colour tint etc. There is endless scope for creative freedom in the world of digital oil paintings. Thus, if you are gifting a couple portrait painting to a friend, who likes monochrome colours, then you can opt for a black and white digital painting. The same principle also helps in restoration works of old & distorted pictures and bringing them to life.

The gift that stays relevant
While most gifts lose their relevance with time, a digital painting can stay with its person for a really long time. The canvas on which a digital painting is printed is chemically treated so that it does not fade or lose its colours with time. These paintings are beautiful and which is why they get placed in people’s study rooms, drawing rooms or places from where the person can see them closely. So if you want a gift that stays with them & keeps reminding about you, then a digital portrait painting can do this effortlessly, every time.

Gift for a season of love
It’s very likely for you to see updates of pre-wedding shoots of your friends on social media handles. If this is the case then you are not alone. This is a season of love and your very own special people are tying knots. So if a friend’s marriage means a lot to you, you better start planning for it. If you are a designated gift planner in your friend circle, then you have a chance to leave everyone speechless with a thoughtful gift. Mark the beginning of beautiful togetherness with a beautiful couple portrait painting from OilPixel and give your newly married friends one more reason to smile.

The magical storytelling that wins hearts
We at OilPixel believe that every painting created by us tells a story. While giving a form to memories, we love spreading smiles with every new painting that we create. 7000+ paintings created & delivered by us throughout the world led us to receive all the love and appreciation. Our artists put their heart and soul into bringing life to every painting. This is what makes our paintings capture emotions seamlessly. There are events in our everyday lives, that inspire us & those should be celebrated. We work to bring these moments to life with our paintings. The best part of our work is that it allows us to witness & live such stories closely. For us, each of these stories is special and hold a special place in our hearts.

Spread smiles by gifting digital oil paintings
If you too invest a lot of thought to buy digital portrait painting then it is your time to try digital oil paintings. You can order a digital painting in a few steps. Click on buy personalized gifts and upload a picture of your choice. If you want any assistance, you can directly call us on 9724652407 and our team will help you out. When you get a painting from us, you join our OilPixel family. Your experience with us is way beyond transactional and we value relationships more than everything else.
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