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Nisha Panchal

Ahmedabad, India

Divya Kothari


Parth Gandhi

Mumbai, India

Lakshay Aggarwal

Delhi, India
Lakshay Aggarwal

“Our experience with OilPixel was wonderful. The quality of work was really impressive. We were provided flexibility with size, background and minute details in the painting. It was delivered to us on priority basis on our special request. The painting delivered to us was adored by everyone who saw it framed. “

Chris Formica

Chris Formica

Anyone who does not give OilPixel 5 stars is being stingy. The worked so hard on our order. revision after revision. We were looking for some thing very specific and they delivered. The Value is great! The results are Great. I will be doing business with them again!

Madhu L Chande

Ahmedabad, India

He was and he is my real hero. Thanks to Oilpixel team to give me a portrait of my papa such a real that I still talk with him through this frame when ever I am Missing him badly!

Subhash Chandak

Kolkata, India

It was actually a BIG surprise for my daughter. She really liked her portrait painting. Shall get in touch with you in near future. Best wishes and look forward to some more new concepts when we meet.



We were not sure what to expect from Oilpixel team when we sent them a photo from our wedding album but when our portrait painting came with an elegant black frame, we couldn’t believe how amazing it turned out! We’re impressed and excited to hang it on our bedroom wall and started inviting our friends to show.

Danish Marwaha

Mumbai, India

Excellent Work !!!

Jayesh Chaklasiya

Ahmedabad, India

I received my father’s portrait from Oilpixel and I must say Vipul and his team did a fantastic work. My all family members love the portrait painting. I gave them a passport size photograph in poor condition which I thought very hard to make photo restoration or to paint but as an artist I must admit that Oilpixel really makes wonder. I am a big fan of their work. Keep it up team Oilpixel 🙂

Radhika Sachdev

Mumbai, India
Radhika Sachdev

Aarzoo’s portrait got delivered in a very attractive wrap in the afternoon, and although I was greatly tempted to open it, I waited for her to arrive from school, and be surprised. Was she delighted? You bet she was. When I told her, “Kapil Uncle has made it from her photograph and sent it from Ahmadabad,” she did a double-take, “Not possible!” she stamped her foot down. “Only an artist can make such a beautiful painting” she reasoned.
She was 100% right.

Rozy D’souza


Wowwwww !!!!! My cuty !!! looks so beautiful !!! Thanks Oilpixel team.


Edmonton, Canada

As soon as I opened this gift, I was speechless. This portrait brought back so many memories and took me back 30 years into my childhood and I was young again! It was just one of those priceless moments and I was extremely so happy. Thank you Oilpixel for making my day so special and for that priceless moment. Keep up the great art work!

Parmeshwar Shah

Ahmedabad, India
Parmeshwar Shah

I dream my painting and Oilpixel paint my dream. This is me and my son. We want our childhood painting together and Oilpixel fulfil our wish. I love Oilpixel.

Dasha and Ivan

You have great skills to make digital painting as real. Mentioning beauty of characters, eye, lip, and hair, all!!! All are mind-blowing and many of our friends like the painting.

Vijay Patel

Silvassa, India

Kapil and I had been studying together at R. T. Fine Art Institute, Nargol. He had a good hand on portrait painting at that time. He had done so many good portrait paintings and I was a big fan of his work. I didn’t know that he would keep his hobby alive though he is busy handling Litmus (a best branding and design / advertising agency in Ahmedabad or I should say in Gujarat) but he made me surprised when he send me a link of I was speechless and immediately I mailed him my daughters photographs to turn in to a great digital painting. I knew that he will do amaze with his great style of work and won’t let me down. When I received the painting on the occasion of my elder daughter’s birthday, I opened in front of my wife. She had tears in her eyes and happy saying that it is a wonderful gift from your friend. Kapil, I am proud of you. Keep your style always with you and go ahead, you have to achieve lot more. Best luck to you and your team !!!

Bhavesh Parikh

Ahmedabad, India

It is our pleasure to have a company like Oilpixel near by us; we’re surprised when Kapil came to my home and open the painting in front of my family. All of us were cheering and eager to hang it on our wall. They have made our trip memorable forever.



I’ve gifted paintings to my friends and relatives as birthday and anniversary gifts. Everyone loved it! They were all stunt and shocked. I am always known to give amazing gifts but I was running out of ideas and that’s when a friend of mine suggested digital portrait paintings. I saw the work Vipul and his team did for my friend and I was instantly hooked up on the idea. I wanted the gifts to be special and rememberable for lifetime.

Vipul is extremely talented and does amazing portraits. Some of the pictures submitted were very bad in picture quality, very low pixels but that didn’t stop Oilpixel from producing amazing outcomes. The service I received was amazing. Every order was shipped on time and was delivered with extreme care. All packages arrived without any fender bender!! I will be using the services for a long while because I still have lots of friends that need to be shocked 🙂 Thank you Oilpixel team for making my friend’s gifts so special!!!!

Sanjay Patel

Rajkot, India

I can’t believe that someone can do this level of Digital Art from an old photo, Really appreciate.

Karan Singh

Delhi, India

Superb!!! Amazing!!!! I was shocked when I received this gift from my wife. It was certainly one of a kind and unexpected. I’m very amazed at the detailed portrait and how stunning it looks in our living room.

Preet Singh & Family

Chandigarh, India

Priceless. The moment captured with my grandchild was just so beautiful, beyond words. It’s always the talk of the centre, whenever family & relatives get together. Simply beautiful. Thank you for making my father’s day so special.

Kiran Ganatra

Mumbai, India
Kiran Ganatra

Oilpixel puts life in paintings, I am very happy with workmanship & service provides. To keep our self happy, we must have pictures of our Loved one at home or/at work place.

Kamlesh M Rathod

Baroda, India
Kamlesh M Rathod

“Painting work done by OilPixel is excellent. Specially expressions on my son’s face are too cute. This was a surprise gift for my wife on our Marriage Anniversary, and as expected She was very happy to see our memorable moment as Painting.”


New Jersy, USA

Oilpixel was recommended to me by a friend of mine, and after looking at their online portfolio I was very impressed and immediately I gave an order to them for a digital portrait painting of our love – our dog – Jack. They didn’t show me anything. And I had a full confident on their talent. So, finally when the painting arrived, we all were speechless. What they captured is 100% musher’s expression.

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