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Digital Portrait Frame wall ideas for decoration

Digital Portrait Frame wall ideas for decoration

July 14, 2021

A well-decorated wall can completely change the way your living room appears. No matter if you live in a studio apartment or in a bungalow, the master wall is the first thing that your visitors notice when they step into your place. The decorated wall not only brings a sense of liveliness but also reflects your personality, taste for design & aesthetics. The art pieces, photo frames, and even digital portrait; there is a lot that you try to decorate your wall with. In this article, we will be explaining to you the ideas & tips to decorate your wall.

Declutter your space

There are endless objects such as your perfumes, deodorants, photo frames, decorative pieces and many more which might have invaded the panels in front of your walls. Now is the best time to declutter this space. We recommend you take out everything from these panels and then observe the empty space. This can help you get a clearer idea of the dimension of your space.

You can then decide how to go about placing your objects on these wall panels. Remember, when it comes to wall designs & decoration, less is more. The objects on these wall panels can be arranged to compliment the overall wall decoration theme and the digital portrait & create a vibe of your choice.

Tell your story through your design

The wall design should speak about you. Be it Bohemian Rhapsody or your Eminem favourite, there is always room for the frames that talk about you. How about pairing a sticker of a quote, a wall sticker that you like and some gift items & a digital portrait of your favourite memory. Let these articles sing the story of your design in unison.

You can get inspired from the references & see what can suit your choice, but do remember that it is your space, so it should narrate your story. Copying the designs from the internet may be the easiest thing to do, but it may not always establish a vibe and feel of your persona. Including a self portrait painting can bring a feel of personalization to the overall decoration.

Include the memories in your design

A wall is a place where you will keep taking a look several times a day. If you are staying away from your family or someone from your family is staying away from you due to some reason, then having your memories right in front of your eyes is a great idea. Memories are priceless and can bring a smile to your face, every time you remember them. Thus, you can include a well-thought memory of your loving family with a family portrait painting.

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While the other design elements bring aesthetic value, this painting can remind the strong family bond. You can decide the type of paint depending upon your space. For example, most people are comfortable with their family paintings in common spaces like walls, living rooms.

On the other hand, people prefer to place their couple pictures in more private spaces like bedrooms, studies, etc. You can give a thought to your personal preferences and then decide where you want to include these paintings. It’s all a matter of your choice & there are no right wrongs here.

Themes? Why not!

If you are thinking of specific themes in your design, definitely go for them. For example – if you are decorating your wall for Valentine’s Day, then you can plan your colour decoration elements while keeping the occasion in mind. You can also include couples portrait that complete this design theme. Just like this, you can think of other themes for your wall decoration.

How about a Halloween or a Superhero theme. You can also consider a Pop Culture theme? Your imagination is your only boundary, so let your creativity go wild and don’t hesitate to think beyond the constraints. Trying out a few combinations & then seeing what suits the best can be a great way to experiment with possible design themes.

Thinking of getting a digital portrait? Go with the experts

OilPixel is an art studio based in India. We specialize in creating digital oil paintings. Every painting that our artists create is a memory for us. Right from selecting the background to finding a perfect texture & composition, our artists make sure that every detail of your painting is captured seamlessly.

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The end result is an awesome painting that never fails to seize the attention of the viewer. The love that we get from our customers is a testament to the hard work that our artists put together.  So, if you are thinking of getting a digital oil painting, you know where to order it from!

Colouring stories with a personal touch

Be it a couples portrait or a family portrait, our artists connect with each painting at a personal level. The relationship that we share with our customers is deep. It simply doesn’t end right after we deliver the painting. Every painting that they create has a story in it, and our artists put in their best effort to bring those stories with perfection.

This is a reason why when our paintings are received by our clients, most of them feel touched. The fact that our paintings have a personal touch makes them a great gift. These paintings stay relevant in the lives of your loved ones for a really long time & keep reminding them about you.

Spread smiles! Order a digital portrait from us

You can place your orders with us in a few simple steps. Just visit our website, upload a picture of your choice and proceed with the payment to confirm your order. You will hear from our team at the earliest. The feeling of spreading happiness is the driver that motivates us to keep doing our best.

We understand the importance of precious memories in your life. With our photo restoration services, we restore old broken pictures & preserve your memories. You can check out our website to explore our services and products. You can also feel free to join us in the comment section & follow us on our social media handles to stay updated.

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