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Merge several photos into one with Oilpixel’s custom Digital Portrait Paintings

Merge several photos into one with Oilpixel’s custom Digital Portrait Paintings

June 12, 2021

Digital portrait paintings can be a great way of re-living several memories! Read along to know how. We as humans are fond of storing our memories in various forms. Be it keeping gifts from someone, giving gifts or some showpieces or artefacts. The most common and loved way of storing and going back to memories remains photographs. Looking at photographs is like going through a flashback of all the lovely moments that got captured within the frame. Whether it is a beautiful place, a birthday, an occasion or simply a candid memory, photographs are always special. However, sometimes it so happens that you have very few photographs with people who you have spent the most time with and now if you wish to give them a gift of a digital oil painting with all of you together, fret not, Oilpixel is here to help you out! Sometimes it also happens that several different photographs have beautiful memories and you wish to blend them all into one and eternalize them together in the form of a painting.

Merging several pictures into one

Artists at OilPixel come with more than 15 years of experience. We get several requests to merge pictures together to create a photo to digital painting. The blending done by us is so seamless that whoever will look at the painting for the very first time will never guess that these images were clicked separately. Much like a tile mosaic, every photograph is made up of tiny dots called pixels. Each of these pixels has its own colour and brightness, millions of these pixels put together form each photograph. More pixels, the better the resolution. High-resolution pictures are always preferred since more detailed and keen attention can be given to every aspect of the painting. Another aspect that we take care of is the colours and lights. Often it so happens that photographs taken separately have different lighting conditions due to which the colour also changes. While merging separate pictures into one, the lighting is also taken care of by our artists. When getting a digital painting online, you can also have a painting with a person’s childhood photo blended with their old age image to give something quirky, unique and different.

How does it work?

In a normal case scenario, you can send us high-resolution images, even the ones clicked with a phone are alright. You can have a couple of pictures of your grandparents, parents painted or you can also have beautiful family photos merged into a single portrait. Sometimes it so happens that someone you love, a close relative or a friend has passed away and you wish to give their family portrait to someone but don’t have any pictures together. In such cases, you can send these images to us and we shall be able to merge them together and make a beautiful painting for you. It can also be the case that you have a beautiful group photo with your friends or relatives but it is completely unusable for a painting because someone’s eyes are closed, someone is looking the other way, and so on. In such cases, we can definitely help you out by merging several different photos together and making a digital portrait painting.

Paintings are special!

While giving gifts or glorifying beautiful memories, we always prefer things that are special. Paintings are one such way of making special memories even more special. A Digital Portrait Painting remains special even years after you have gifted them. They remain fresh as new. Not only that, the canvas quality provided by OilPixel lasts for more than 60-70 years, which means it can be a legacy for your family, a beautiful relic that can be passed over generations. Taking care of these canvases is also very simple, they can be cleaned with just a damp cloth and you will be good to go.

What is the process?

The process of getting a photo to digital painting with OilPixel is pretty simple. All you have to do is select the photos that you wish to merge and get painted and we will get going. We have two options when it comes to paintings. You can choose a rolled canvas or you can opt for a Digital portrait painting in a soft copy format. Whichever the convenient option is, shall be made to perfection. We also offer 2-3 revisions in case you’d need them. However, in most cases, these revisions are hardly needed. All our clients fall in love with our paintings at the first attempt itself. Our paintings are digitally hand-drawn with the help of a Wacom Drawing Tablet. Does it mean that these paintings are easier to make and are less artistic? Not really! Every painting we make requires intricate detailing and excellent painting skills. Digital Oil Paintings are just a technologically advanced manner of making precious art. With the changing world, we decided to change, grow and get advanced as well. The paintings, when available in a soft copy format, can be printed over various surfaces and in the case of framed canvases, they last for many decades at a time. Even merging photos into one for a digital painting becomes possible due to the wise implementation of the latest technology.

Buy personalised gifts with OilPixel and make someone feel special. Paintings are a great way to say how much you value a memory you have with someone. Be it self portraits, couple portraits, kids portraits, family portraits or portraits for friends, we make them all with utmost care and precision. In these many years of experience, there hasn’t been a single moment when our customers haven’t liked a painting we made. OilPixel was started with love for art and with our art we aspire to keep spreading happiness by recreating memories. You can keep following us for our latest blogs where we host various conversations on several different topics. You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with our social media posts. For any queries, we are just an email away at or call us on 9724652407.

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