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Tips to Shoot Awesome Pictures for Family Portraits

July 14, 2020

Family portraits are the beautiful reminisces of the time spent together with all the family members. That time, when each of the family members is actively involved in enjoying the togetherness, playing pranks on each other and creating the atmosphere full of fun and bonding, these memories can be preserved forever as family portrait painting. Beautiful moments spent with each other on festive occasions, on birthdays and ceremonies, on beach vacation, at family weddings or reunions are the best times when everyone is properly dressed, in a jolly mood and the perfect time to get some really awesome photos.

If this is not the case, the photographer who is assigned to shoot family portraits must first study the kind of family, select the suitable surroundings and do some preparation in advance. Let’s see some tips that can get some awesome family portraits, which can be later beautifully transformed into a family oil painting portrait.

Teach them how to pose

Not everyone is a natural poser. And, there are some people who are really shy in front of the cameras. Here, it becomes the responsibility of a photographer to make them look really appealing in pictures by making them pose naturally and gracefully. By making them understand the importance of being as candid as possible in front of the camera and by helping them to pose in a way that is really comfortable to them, one can easily have brilliant family portraits.

The photographer after deeply analysing the personality of family members will have to teach them to be in their natural form and leave all their fears behind in order to get a candid and awesome shot. In this situation, while you are guiding them on different poses, keep the camera on the burst mode to get pictures in different angles and moods.

Make them Comfortable

Photographs can never come out well if the subjects are tense and uncomfortable. So, it is very necessary for a photographer to make the atmosphere extremely friendly by talking with them and getting to know them better. This thing will also help the photographer to understand the likes and dislikes, their tastes, their personalities and will in turn help the photographer to take appropriate pictures for family portrait painting. One can talk about their childhood, their passions, their friends, their favourite movies, etc. to make the atmosphere light and joyful. Avoid talking and debating on politics, crime and social situations that can either lead to arguments or bitter conversation.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting 

Good and adequate lighting is of utmost importance when it comes to shooting family portraits. If you are shooting indoor, choose a space that has enough sunlight and you can even use a white cloth to filter light or invest in a good diffuser to get soft images with perfect contrast and texture.

If you are shooting outdoors, then don’t make your subjects stand in front of the sunlight that can make them squint, create shadowy effects and sometimes make them close their eyes. Also, judiciously use the flash whether indoor or outdoor that directly points light on your subjects, making your subjects close their eyes often and giving bad quality of pictures.

Clothing and Props

Instead of allowing your clients to wear what they like, conceptualize the theme of the photography, be it formal or informal. Then, accordingly suggest the suitable clothing and props. If you find your family sincere and sophisticated, you can choose formal clothing. But if you find them to be jolly and amusing, you can experiment with types of vibrant and funky clothing that adds colour to their personalities and make the photo shoot session a pure fun.

Choose a Proper Place

As per the clothing, props and the personalities of your subjects, you can choose a proper destination. Their house is great as they will be more comfortable there, but if they are beach loving people, shooting at the beach will really give awesome family portraits. You can also interrogate about their common favourite place where they often love to spend time together and then can visit the place in advance to study about the place before shooting the photos.

Transform your family portrait photo into oil painting of family

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