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While buying an art piece for your home

While buying an art piece for your home

April 3, 2017

“Buying art is a bit like getting a tattoo…..

You’ll always remember the details of where you were when you got it, what you were thinking and how you were feeling that day.”

– Charlotte Burns

Whenever you see an artwork in someone’s house and ask them about it, the answer you usually get must be “We don’t know who created it.”

That’s a tad sad, because a piece of art that you buy as a centerpiece for your office or home, should have a lineage. It’s not a commodity like your furniture. On the contrary, it should say something about you and why you bought it in the first place.

It pays to get to know a few local artists before you go shopping for art. This can happen only if you attend art shows and galleries or you own an art business. If neither is possible you should at least know a little bit about the artist. You must have an active interest in exploring local artwork.

Art is something that lasts longer in your home than your carpet, sofa, TV or a kitchen appliance. If you have chosen well, you might even end up passing it down to your next generations as a family heirloom. The perfect piece of art gives life and personality to your home. Equally important is selecting a perfect location for it.

Here are a few tips that you can follow and make your selection process easier:

“Buy art because you want to live with it” – Hugo Weihe

Art work doesn’t come cheap; and if it does, then it definitely is not genuine. Therefore, it is something you cannot go buy very often.. Replacing art work is also an expensive proposition. Hence, it is important to choose a piece that you want to live with for the rest of your life.

Buy something that you love

Once you buy an artwork for your home, you will keep seeing it every day. Therefore, you need to buy something that you love – something that makes you feel good. It must make your heart sing.

Make sure you can afford it

Art need not always be frightfully expensive. In fact the price tag has nothing to do with the value of the art. You will find many local artists who create affordable art; you may find something nice in a small home ware store too. Click here to know about a few ways to buy art for your home that falls within your budget.

Make sure you have the right wall to display it

Size does matter. But location does. The lighting, the ambience around it should be pat.

Research well before you build your collection

Get to know about artists and the kind of training they have undergone. Learn how to differentiate between an original piece of art, a limited edition artwork and a reproduced piece.

Don’t be in a tearing hurry to buy

Impulse buys are a big No-No. Take time to talk to young artists who are on their way to and understand their art. click here for more tips.

Art is always in style, no matter the season

If you wish to own a beautiful piece of art but don’t want to spend too heavily on it, go for digital paintings. These look just like the originals. is a great place to buy artwork from. You’ll get amazing quality work. If you are an art lover, we would love to hear your story. Upload your picture with your favorite art work. Tell us what you feel about the art piece and how you came to acquire it.

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