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What is the best gift to give a sister on Raksha Bandhan?

What is the best gift to give a sister on Raksha Bandhan?

August 9, 2021

With a digital portrait painting, you can make your sister feel special on the special day of Raksha Bandhan. It is a festival that celebrates the bond of love between a brother & sister. Understanding this bond might not be that simple. There are moments of joy and of quarrels. However, one thing is very clear that despite all the fights, this is a kind of bond that only grows stronger with time. Be it giving you her share of treats or consoling you after giving a heavy beating, there are different ways in which the love is expressed.

Though the Rakhi legend mentions that brothers have been protecting sisters, you are well aware of all the times when your sister has saved you. If you are looking for a memorable gift, a digital portrait painting can be one of the options that you can consider. Read this article till the end & you will know why this gift stands out.

Find a gift that matters

While you plan this special surprise gift for your sister, you can revisit some of those moments that are special to her. These can be the first competition that she won, her graduation day, the first day of her work or maybe when she tied you the Rakhi for the first time. You already know what matters to her the most & the memory that is close to her.

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Gifting this memory can be one way of making Raksha Bandhan memorable for your sister. How can you gift someone a memory? Well, that’s where a digital portrait painting comes in. This gift Turns some of your most cherished memories into timeless souvenirs that can eternalize those special moments. This is a gift that allows you to gift someone the most special thing – a memory. Since you are planning a gift for your sister, please make sure that you get her most special memory. This is the first step in planning a special gift for your beloved sister.

The Place Where Magic Happens

The next step in planning this gift for your sister is to visit our website and upload the picture. Once we receive your picture our artists will take it forward from there. They will turn your memory into a digital portrait painting. Every painting is special for us, as there are memories of people that are associated with these paintings.

If there is any special story that is associated with your picture, feel free to share it with us. It helps our artists to understand the mood of the painting and bring the same emotion in the painting. The transformation of a photograph into art printed on archival canvas is magical. OilPixel’s studio is a place where this magic happens.

Did we tell you that we also do old photo restoration work? A lot of times, we receive old photographs that are broken or torn.  If you have your childhood sibling pictures that are broken or need preservation, then those can be restored. Our artists recreate these photographs into memorable paintings. The memories are preserved & so do the emotions. Bringing back life to those old pictures is something that our artists do effortlessly.

Plan in advance & make it worth remembering

This surprise that you have planned for your sister, will take some time to complete and reach you. So, make sure you plan in advance so that there is enough time for you to receive your digital oil painting. When our artists get enough time, they are able to put their best effort to make your painting memorable.

Secondly, planning in advance is helpful in many ways. For example, since you have received your painting in advance, you can then plan to make this gifting experience memorable for your sister. You know her likes and preferences. If she likes poetry, try to pen down some lines. If she loves letters, try to write a note to her. These things you can give along with the painting and it will surely make this experience worth remembering for her. There are many things that you can do & all it needs is to put some thought into it.

A gift is a possibility! Make it worth

Just because this gift is for your sister doesn’t mean the painting needs to be her. Don’t think in the box. If your sister is about to get married or already married, you can plan a couple portrait painting. If your sister has become a parent then you can also think of getting a child portrait. Thought is what makes a gift special. So make sure that your gift reflects your thoughts. Our paintings are the souvenirs of memories, hence it’s very likely that the receivers cherish our paintings by placing them right in front of their eyes.

Secondly & most importantly, our paintings stay relevant in the receiver’s life for a really long time. So, whenever your sister takes a look at the digital oil painting gifted by you, she will remember you. After all, you have recreated her favourite memory.

Getting a painting?  Make sure it is coming from experts

We at OilPixel are best known for recreating memories. So far we have created more than 7500 digital paintings. Our clientele is spread all across the globe including countries like USA, UK, Germany, Israel, Canada etc. Our artists feel the emotion and depth of each painting that they work on. We consider ourselves lucky that we get to be a part of people’s life stories with every painting that we make. We cherish this journey & absolutely love the trust that our clients show by choosing us to recreate their memories.

Be it a family portrait painting seizing the bond of love in the form of a family or a self portrait painting radiating the shades of a persona, we offer different types of portraits. You can follow us on our social media handle & see what our satisfied customers have got to say about our services. To see some of our work you can take a look at our gallery.

So, next time you wish to get a digital painting, you will know from where to order.

We hope this article helps you to make this Raksha Bandhan gift experience memorable for your sister. We would love to hear from you. If you feel comfortable, you can share the videos of such gift reactions by tagging OilPixel Official  This way OilPixel community would be able to join. If you want to reach out to us, you can write to us at

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