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A digital oil painting of a girl as a unique gift

Want to give your loved ones a unique gift? Give them a gift of memories.

February 24, 2021

Gifts are tokens of love. They communicate feelings beautifully. Whether you want to express gratitude or say sorry, gifts have the power of conveying your feelings beautifully. Whether it is a family function or a social event, gifts are considered welcoming. From books, clothes & sweets to gift cards, Netflix & Prime memberships, a lot has changed in the world of gifts. Similarly, the advancement of technology led to a new art form of digital oil paintings. This caught the attention of art admirers across the world. Digital paintings are considered a medium to recreate memories with your loved ones. The uniqueness and personal touch of paintings make them stand out in the crowd of gifts.

Why should you choose a digital portrait painting? 

Digital paintings are a blend of technology and art. These paintings are created from a reference photograph. Artists at OilPixel recreate your favourite pictures on a digital canvas and turn your favourite picture into a memory worth cherishing. Paintings are believed to ignite the emotion of a viewer. The involvement of artists, inspirations and styles leave behind a great impact on every work. This distinguishes a painting from a photograph. Hence when a painting seizes a place on a wall of your loved ones it will keep refreshing those memories for them. It is the intention of making your loved ones feel special that makes a gift unique. Our digital portrait paintings can help you do this effortlessly.

Finding your perfect memories

Thinking about your special friends, siblings and parents can get you started. Think about the special events in their life that you can make memorable. Plan a bit in advance and let their eyes be filled with happiness. All you need is a perfect photograph. A beautiful photo to digital painting conversion can give a form to your memories. We have summarized a few scenarios to help you get started with planning a remarkably retaining surprise for your loved ones.

Best friend’s marriage

Well, this is a season of marriages and if your best friend is getting married, then you have a perfect chance to enhance the joy of the wedding ceremony. You have spent some of the best time of your lives together and created amazing memories. What can be more fabulous than a couple digital painting to gift to a friend who is beginning a new companionship? Having this memory painted will allow your friend to relive this special day. Most importantly, it will remind them of the beautiful person who cherished this memory for them. This sweet gift will surely bring a smile to the face of the newlywed couple.

First salary celebration 

It is once in a lifetime event. All those years when you study hard and equip yourself with skillsets are paid off when you get your first salary. Thus, the joy of earning the first salary is undoubtedly overwhelming. If your siblings or friends are about to reach this milestone, then you can give them a gift that will make them think about you again and again. Your friend has come so far with tremendous confidence and courage. A painting that captures these attributes can be a great gift to celebrate this moment. This painting will not only remind them of their first hard-earned salary but also keep inspiring them.

Second innings celebration

Your parents or relatives may be now retired after years of glorious service. However, retirement doesn’t mean that their life stops and goes into a zone of comfort. Retirement is often termed as the Second Inning of life. This is the time when they get time to relive those incomplete dreams which were left back in the rush of crafting a perfect career. A painting can bring a sense of satisfaction and joy while reminding them to live the life ahead at its fullest potential. Talk to other members of the family and select a picture that they love the most. Give them one more reason to love you even more.

Baby Steps

It’s just a matter of time when your babies grow up and start walking and running. As a parent, it is a great feeling to witness and capture these cute moments. While pictures are perfectly fine, you can preserve these memories with a baby oil painting. These paintings will remind your kids of their innocence after they grow up every time they see it.

Graduation ceremony 

This is an important milestone in a person’s life. University is a place that prepares you for the professional world. You feel content for all those sleepless nights, exam preparations, extra-curricular activities and all the rigorous sessions on your graduation day. Your younger siblings or cousins who are joining your league after graduation deserves a special gift for this achievement. They will soon join the organizations where they carve out their passions and shape their careers. A sweet memory of their achievement can help them prepare for their journey ahead. Get their graduation day picture from their parents and live the rest with us after sharing it.

Gratitude gifts 

Gratitude gifts are the ones that need no special occasions. Your teacher from your childhood school who taught you values or the family doctor who helped you recover from an illness, you can express your gratitude to anyone. There might be a time when your spark was lost and a few people around you help you pull out through it. If you have these people in life then you are blessed. Your life is comfortable because of the efforts and blessings of the people around you. Letting them know that you do care for them and appreciate their presence in your life will make you happier.

New beginnings 

Are any of your friends venturing into a new business or moving to a new country? The new beginnings are not easy. When a sapling is uprooted and transplanted into tougher soil, the initial days are very challenging. Similar is the situation of your friends who are starting afresh. They might feel all alone during this journey, but you can be by their side with a thoughtful gift. A painting may not fully fill that void, but can surely bring a smile on their face. They will feel hopeful every time they take a look at the painting. It will keep reminding them that you are there for them whenever they need you. You can also think of giving them a family portrait painting.

Understanding gifts 

Gifts are given with the purest intention. However, very few people invest the time and energy to think about a perfect gift. They never think about what happens to their gift once it has been handed over to the receiver. Utilitarian objects given as a gift lose their place as they become irrelevant. Gifts that are given with thoughtful consideration increase the chances of positive acceptance. These are the gifts that find a place in the heart of the receiver and stay with them for a longer time. The gifts with the personal touch and emotions stand out from the rest. Unique objects create a sense of exclusivity in the mind of the receiver. The receiver often feels pride in having a kind object.  The higher price of the gift does not necessarily mean that the receiver will be touched. Most people require a logic that can back or justify the price if the object is expensive.

Creating magic

There is a popular misconception about digital paintings that digital paintings can be created by applying a simple effect to a photograph. People are not aware of the complexities of these paintings. We use two different software to create one digital painting. One painting may take several hours to get created. Every stroke is precise and our artists pay a minute level of attention to bring life to paintings. The beauty of our painting is that they never fail to mesmerize the viewer. Each of our digital portrait paintings stands out. More importantly, they capture a moment and keep the memory alive.

At OilPixel we absolutely love creating memories that spread happiness.

Want to spread happiness? Buy a Digital Painting from OilPixel

It’s a good intention & a great feeling and we are here to help you out with it. If you want to give a gift of memories to your loved ones you can do that with a digital painting that is created by the finest artists. You can witness the work of our artists by taking a look at our gallery. The beautiful testimonials given by the members of the OilPixel community is a testament to the hard work and skills of our artists. You can click here to upload your favourite picture and you will hear from our team. Alternatively, you can reach out to us at 9724652407 to know more from 10:30 AM to 7:30 PM (Indian Standard Time) on the working days of the week. Our team of fascinated people is always ready to hear & help you out.

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