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Surprise gift ideas for sister on this Rakhi who lives abroad

Surprise gift ideas for sister on this Rakhi who lives abroad

July 29, 2023

Tired of searching for surprise gift ideas for sister living abroad for this Rakshabandhan? Don’t worry; we have you covered for this. In this blog, we’ll explore unique surprise gift ideas that will bring a smile to your sister’s face, no matter where she is. So, go through the list, and don’t let distance be the obstacle to expressing love.

Well-Thought-Out Suprise Gift Ideas For Sister


While discussing with friends and family, this might be one of the most suggested ideas. Or, while thinking about surprise gift ideas for your sister, this might have popped into your mind. Even being such a common recommendation, jewelry still holds value and relevance as a gift. And that is because jewelry has always been a classic and timeless gift for sisters.

Whether it’s an elegant necklace, a dazzling bracelet, or a pair of beautiful earrings, jewelry holds sentimental value. And it will remind her of your love every time she wears it. You can choose a piece that reflects her style and personality or just helps her to carry her style. You can find websites that deliver jewelry across the globe or just select a piece and ship it to her with a handwritten note. And she will cherish this token of your affection.

Digital Portrait Painting:

We all know something customized and handmade gifts hold the utmost emotion. A digital self-portrait painting is an exceptional and thoughtful gift for your sister. And if your sister loves art, then this can be just the perfect gift.

Oilpixel makes your job easier as it not only creates digital portrait painting but also delivers it abroad. All you have to do is, share the image with Oilpixel, and they will get it done. Now, choosing the image can be a task. Here is a tip: Consider selecting a painting with a special meaning or of a special person. Options are ample; you can consider self-portrait painting, or if she has a newborn, you also get child paintings made. Digital Self-portrait paintings and child paintings can be regarded as unique gifts. A painting for gift is a amrt choice and a great way of expressing the strong bond you share.


Watches never go out of fashion. And with various styles and types of options available, you can be spoilt for choices. Based on your desired style and budget, you can have multiple choices. So, choose a timepiece that matches her taste and complements her style.

Another reason that watches are a great gifting option. Being an everyday functional accessory, it will be a daily reminder of your love and appreciation. Can you recall any brand she mentions while speaking to you or the style of watches she likes? Put your memory to the test, and gift her one.

Beauty Products:

Showcasing that you care about her well-being and self-care can be a great option. And you can express it by gifting her some handpicked beauty products. You can pamper your sister with a delightful assortment of premium beauty products.

Many websites help you in creating a personalized beauty hamper filled. So, you can create a well-thought-out hamper with her favorite skincare items, luxurious fragrances, and makeup essentials. After all, every human needs self-care, and after seeing her favorite cosmetics as gifts, you can imagine her smile.

Soft Toys:

You do remember fighting for toys when you both were kids, right? And who says soft toys are only for kids? A cuddly, adorable plush toy can evoke warm memories and bring comfort to your sister, especially if she’s feeling a little homesick.

You can choose a cute animal or character that holds significance to your bond. Or even choose a toy you remember quarreling over in childhood. As mentioned, you can also choose a toy for her children. You could tag a cute little toy with the child painting, and it will surely bring a smile to her face.


We can’t stress enough on the point – that women love bags. So why not surprise your sister with a bag? Receiving a bag can help you in bringing a smile to her face.

With just a little research, you can know about Different brands and styles categorized based on functionality, budget, and more and choose that checks all the boxes.

Sweet Boxes:

On the auspicious day, you can even choose to go a little traditional. Sweet boxes have always been part of Indian culture during festivities. And during her stay abroad, she might be missing this tradition.

Gifting her boxes of Indian sweets will not also make her feel nostalgic but will also surely brighten up her rakhi celebration.

That Brings Us To The End

Distance should never hinder the expression of love and affection on Rakhi day. By sending your sister a surprise gift from the heart, you can make her feel special and cherished, regardless of the miles between you.

So, let this Rakhi be a memorable one, strengthening the bond between you and your sister, no matter where she resides.

Happy Raksha Bandhan!

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