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Tips for taking care of your old photographs

July 2, 2020

Memories are invaluable. The moment which is gone is never going to come again. The first touch of your newborn, your kid’s first birthday party, family vacation in the mountains, the first award and so many other precious moments that make up your world and life. Though we cannot seize that magical moment of our life forever, photographs come to the rescue to help us again find charm in those moments in the form of beautiful memories. However, while many of us are passionate about taking awesome snaps with perfect angles and postures, we are really not skilled at preserving those photographs. Here in this blog, let’s discuss some basic yet really important do’s and don’ts for taking care of old photographs and the  photo restoration services.

Where to Store Your Photographs?

The place and its temperature are of primary importance when it comes to the storage of your photographs. Select the proper place with the ideal temperature that is a dry and cool place. Temperature factors- like too much of sunlight or humidity cause photos to deteriorate. For example, if you store your photographs in the basement where it is too damp, your photographs will either stick to each other or become moldy. Also, when you store your photographs in a place where they are exposed to sunlight, there might be fading or discolouration of the photographs. The best temperature for storing your photographs is 65°F–70°F with a relative humidity of about 50%.

Hence, it is very necessary to find a safe corner where your photos are safely protected from any kind of temperature effect and also from the harm done by any kind of insects or mouse.

Do Not Scribble On Your Photos

To keep the aesthetic and the beauty of the photograph intact, it is advisable to not scribble the date and name of the place with an ink pen or any other pen that can stain your photograph. For documenting your memories, you should generally use an acid-free photo marking pen, but if it is not available, then write with a pencil on the back of your photograph.

Invest in Proper Photo Albums 

Paper and plastic albums are generally considered as the safest options for keeping your photographs organized and well-preserved. However, some people also prefer photo boxes to keep their photographs. However, if you stay at a place where the atmosphere is humid, select the paper album over the plastic one as photos might get stuck to each other due to plastic. Generally, these plastic albums should be made of uncoated polyester film, uncoated cellulose triacetate, polyethylene, and polypropylene. But, do not use rubber bands or paper clips to hold your photos together. Rubber bands with the sulfur content in it can damage your photos and paper clips can lead to scratches on your photos. Hence, after considering the most suitable option as per your weather and convenience, select the proper photo preservation box or album for your loving memories like self-portrait oil painting, kids portrait painting or your wedding photos.

In this Age, Digitize Your Photos

While the physical copies of the photos are subjected to many kinds of risks, it is important for all of us to digitally document our memories. If one does not have proper knowledge to digitally safeguard their photos, one can take the help of an expert to do the same.

Photo Restoration Services

If photographs of your grandmother, grandfather or some of the golden memories of your family are torn or damaged with dust, oil or any other sort of chemical reaction, then you can go for photo restoration services. Oilpixel is one such destination that beautifully restores your prized possessions of memory through digital oil painting and its expert old photo restoration services. The expert holds years of experience in digital portrait painting like kids portrait painting, couple portrait painting, family portrait painting, pet portrait painting, etc.

Old photo restoration done at Oilpixel will help you preserve your family memories forever. These beautiful memories will be passed from one generation to another. They will serve as the testimony of their rich heritage. So, if you have any queries regarding photo restoration services, the expert at Oilpixel is always available to answer any questions.

We understand how much one is attached to their memories. Photographs are indeed a beautiful invention of mankind that helps one to walk down the memory lane in an artistic way. At Oilpixel, along with creating beautiful paintings from the photographs, old photo restoration, we encourage young photographers and painters to truly follow their passion of capturing the beautiful moments of life in an enchanting way. Photographs speak of emotions and the artists have the ability to freeze them beautifully forever. Visit the Oilpixel website to review the awe-inspiring portfolio of digital oil painting portraits.

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