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Personalized Digital Painting: A Gift For All Ages

Personalized Digital Painting: A Gift For All Ages

June 9, 2022

Before revealing why Personalized Digital Painting is the best for all ages we will take a detour.

365 days in a calendar & only a few marked as important like anniversaries, birthdays, festivals such as Christmas, new year, Diwali, etc.

Out of all the important events in a calendar, the most special events consists of family members’ birthday, anniversary & more. These are the events that we want to make memorable by throwing a grand party & presenting loved ones with a gift that makes them go – ‘WOW’.

It is 2022, life is getting busy by the day & often we don’t have time to fetch a perfect present or plan an exquisite party. Again, it is 2022, you can seamlessly place the order for a gift & get it delivered to your doorstep.

The real problem is finding a gift that will be loved & cherished forever. Don’t worry, we have a solution to this problem & it is called ‘Personalized Digital Painting’

Why Digital painting? Because painting is the oldest & purest way of expressing your sentiments. Digital portraits have the power to eternalize a memory.

It is a gift that everyone will love, from your 8-year-old daughter to your 70-year-old grandpa because who doesn’t love a stroke of a personal touch?

Digital Portrait for Children

Do you ever find yourself reminiscing about your childhood? Getting nostalgic for childhood memories is a feeling that all of us share in common.

Your children will dwell on this feeling as soon as they enter their twenties. So, why not preserve this precious phase called childhood forever in the form of a personalized digital painting.

The painting perfectly captures the innocence & mischief of children, keeping the childhood phase life forever. The painting can be placed in your children’s bedroom or the living room of your house. This way they’ll always be reminded of their innocent & playful days.

Couples Digital Art

Finding a gift for others’ anniversaries is a tough job.

You might know their individual choices, but What to gift them as a couple? Where to find a gift that both of them will love equally?

Not finding an answer, many people end up gifting, statue, vases, showpieces or any electric appliances.

However, you can gift something special like the Digital art of the lovely couple.

All you have to do is find a picture of the lovely couple that has a special memory associated with it. Instance, their wedding picture or a picture from their vacation.

Once you decide upon which picture to transform into a painting, mail it to We will share our quote with you, once the deal is made we will deliver the painting safely to your doorstep.

Self Portraits

Self paintings are one of the most fascinating & emotional gifts of all. At Oilpixel every time that we have painted a self-portrait in reviews we have either received a speechless smile or tears of joy.

One might wonder why? It is because here we make the impossible, possible. Pre 90’s was the time of photo albums, CDs, DVDs or rolls. It was difficult to preserve the memory & even having a camera was a luxury.

People use to specially go to photo studios for getting pictures clicked, concept of candid pictures was alien & clicking 365 pictures in the same pose was expensive. Hence pictures were treasured in those days.

Our parent’s generation has a few photos of them & these photos might also lose colour overtime. The print of photos can be in poor condition. Pictures in such conditions can be restored for eternity in form of Digital Portraits.

At Oilpixel we have restored many such pictures, and each of them has a heartfelt story.

If you have one such memory, you wish to preserve, tap this link.

Besides this Self-portrait is a great gift to enhance the decor of the living room, office or desk.

Family Painting

Some gifts expire, some gifts end up in store room, some gifts wear off but only a few gifts make it to the wall of the living room. Family Painting is one such show- stellar gift.

We bet everybody wishes to have a family photo hung right in the center of the living room. You can play genie for your loved ones & fulfill their wish by gifting something better than a Family Photo.

You can present them with a Family Digital Portrait, picture of family adds love & painting radiates class.

Now you’d agree that personalized Digital Painting is the best gift for all ages. So if you have any anniversaries, birthdays or success parties coming ahead.

You can get a portrait made at Oilpixel.


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