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Keep your Kid’s Childhood alive through our Digital Oil Paintings

Keep your Kid’s Childhood alive through our Digital Oil Paintings

April 20, 2021

Childhood is amazing, isn’t it? Running aimlessly & tirelessly, climbing trees, waiting for the final bell that signaled the school is over and the rare perfect Sunday picnic; small things were the source of big happiness. As you grow up, things start changing slowly. Now, when you are a parent, you do notice a different version of childhood. Climbing trees is replaced by crushing candies, the wait for the final school bell is replaced by the desire of Zoom class to end soon and what not. While a lot has changed, some things still remain the same. Do you take a look at your old photo albums that retained your childhood memories & feel nostalgic? Thanks to your parents who captured these memories that you can cherish forever. This bond of love will never change! While photographs are an amazing way to revisit these precious memories, digital oil paintings can give them a form & place right in front of your eyes.

Seizing perfect memories? What next?

As a parent, the joy of seeing your kid grow up can not be expressed in words. There are endless moments that were special to you! Right from when a little baby arrives home from hospital to the day when she puts her first step, the day when she will turn five, the day when she will graduate; there are endless memories you will want to cherish! No doubt you will capture these memories with your smartphones (or maybe a camera), but what next? Don’t you think that these are the memories that deserve to be right in front of your eyes, rather than snoring lazily in a photo album that you see once in a while? This is where the art of photo to digital painting conversion comes in!  With the power of technology & the touch of sophisticated artistry, our artists take your favourite pictures & convert those memories into beautiful digital oil paintings! So your favourite memories are right in front of your eyes. Whenever you will take a look at these moments, your heart will be full of joy! But how to decide which picture to choose? Stay with us as we explain the minute details that can help you in getting a great digital painting made!

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Selecting a perfect picture!

All of us have very powerful camera smartphones in our hands, which is why there is no shortage of pictures. This comes at a cost of scrolling through a tonne of pictures and picking up the perfect ones. Photo to digital painting conversion requires a good photograph, but don’t worry. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, there are at least two-three good pictures for every 10-15 clicks that you make. You can choose these pictures and keep them aside in a separate folder. You can then pick the best one and send it to us. If you are confused about which one is the best, send all the pictures that you think are good & our artists will pick the best one for you! Good quality pictures mean good quality digital oil paintings. After sending your pictures to us, think about where you are going to place these beautiful paintings or how you are planning to give these paintings to your child! Think, because it’s a special gift & putting some thought to it can make this whole experience very memorable for your children.

Bringing charm to special occasions

For every parent, their children are special. It doesn’t matter how old they are. Your children liked your gifts in childhood. In the same way, a thoughtfully planned gift can bring a smile to your child’s face, even today. Just because they are adults, doesn’t mean you can’t gift them. You will never fall short of special occasions. Be it their marriage or a graduation day ceremony, you can always get creative. How about highlighting their most important life milestones with a collection of digital oil paintings? These ideas can help you get started to plan a perfect gift for your children.

The journey of a painting

There is a popular misconception, that digital paintings are easy to make. However, this is not true. Our artists spend long hours perfecting every painting! They put their heart and soul into creating a perfect painting for you.  The real work starts after we receive a photograph from you. The first phase involves separating the photo layer & and selecting a perfect background. Background plays a key role in every painting & selecting a background requires a high level of expertise.  This is followed by the hours of brushwork, strokes, effects, that recreates the original picture into a digital painting. Whether it’s a child portrait painting or a family portrait, our artists make sure that every stroke comes out with precision. Once, these paintings are ready, we print these paintings and frame those. With the help of our delivery partners, we are able to safely deliver these paintings to you. Now that you have an idea about the effort that goes into creating a digital painting, the next time you see it, do not forget to compliment its owner. It’s a small way in which you can appreciate the efforts of the artists behind that beautiful painting.

A gift with a personal touch

Many people buy personalized gifts without understanding the emotion behind them. A gift should ideally have a connection with the receiver. Buying a personalized gift doesn’t necessarily mean that the receiver will like the gift. It happens a lot of times, that despite the gift having a personal touch like the name, initials of the receiver or a quote, based on the likes and preference of the receiver, the relevance of the gift may be obsolete. This is never the case with digital paintings. So, if you are also one of the people, who prefers to buy personalized gifts, you will now know why a painting with a personal touch associated with memory can be a memorable gift.

Want to spread happiness? Order a painting from us

If you are also looking for a gift with a personal touch, then don’t be hesitant. Take a look at our gallery and you will know why our paintings are the best-personalized gifts. You can book a painting with us. All you have to do is select your memorable photograph and send it to us. Our child portrait painting is not just an art piece, but it’s a relic that narrates a story filled with emotion!  This is what makes it a perfect gift!

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