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Custom Oil Painting: Christmas Gift For Your Loved Ones

Custom Oil Painting: Christmas Gift For Your Loved Ones

December 1, 2021

A custom oil painting can be a great gift idea to surprise your loved ones this Christmas. The month of December is a time for celebration. Special delicacies, home decorations, the charm of music & meeting loved ones; a lot comes with Christmas! While families come together & friends exchange wishes to express their gratitude, a gift can do wonders to make this special moment memorable. There is an array of gifts that you can choose from. However, there is something that makes digital paintings special. This article explains why you can consider these paintings as a gift option.

Ideas to make this Christmas memorable for your loved ones

Choose a pleasant memory you want to eternalize

To order a custom oil painting, you need a reference photograph. This is a great thing as you get to decide which memory you want to paint. It can be a moment from your parent’s wedding or a memory from your aunt’s baby shower. All you have to do is sit back & look for really special photographs in your family albums. This does need some work, but we are sure you will enjoy taking a trip down memory lane. Once you find a perfect photograph, you can then send it to us. You can simply upload your photograph by clicking here.

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Making of a memorable painting

Once we receive a photograph from your end, our artists start working on your painting. They understand the soul of your photograph & the value of the memory. They put in their knowledge and years of experience in creating a digital oil painting from photos. This process can take several days as our artists use two different software to create your digital painting. These paintings are created on a digital canvas. Recreating every stroke requires a solid understanding of this art form. Our artists put their heart & soul into every project. The end result is a painting that you love.

Once the painting is ready, you will receive it at your registered address. If you have opted for soft-copy, you will receive a high-definition image of your digital painting. By the time you receive your painting, how about planning a perfect surprise? Here are a few ideas about how you can gift them the painting.

Make the moment memorable

Since you are planning a Christmas gift, deciding on a nice occasion to hand over this gift to your loved ones is really important. It can be before or after your family get-together, family dinner or after you return from the midnight Christmas mass. Express how grateful you feel for having your loved ones around. A gift that is handed over with heartfelt emotions will surely make this moment memorable for the receiver of the gift.

Family is special & Friends are a family

Christmas is a family festival & gifting a custom oil painting to your family members or relatives is a great idea. Family is special but so are your friends. Friends are in fact the family you choose. Expressing gratitude and love for your friends is a great thing and if you are looking for a perfect occasion, what’s better than Christmas. All you need is a memory that you want to cherish. For everything else, OilPixel is your companion you can count on.

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A gift that eternalize memories

What happens to most images that are clicked? Such pictures either remain on your hard drives or cloud storage. These pictures hardly get noticed, and similar is the case with printed albums as well. However, there is something exclusive about a custom oil painting. A painting is destined to find a special place in the house of its receiver. Also, unlike other gifts, that have utilitarian value can lose their relevance in a short time span. This is not the case with painting. Every time your loved ones will take a look at their favourite painting, they will remember and know the person who cherished their favourite memory.

We hope these gifting ideas help you in making this experience special for your loved ones. Now let’s know more about the art of digital painting.

Digital painting – a new age artform

The art of digital painting has evolved in the last two decades. The technological advancements & huge recognition by people all over the world popularized the use of digital paintings. While gifting is one of the primary reasons why these paintings are famous, another important aspect is that these paintings can be shared over different digital platforms. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Quora or any other platform, people love to use their digital painting avatar as their profile pictures. This is truly an art form that made it possible for everyone to get a painting.

Why OilPixel?

Having created & delivered more than 7500 digital paintings, we have a deep understanding of this art form. Every project that we create is a short journey that we absolutely enjoy. Creating a painting is like writing a story for us & we are absolutely delighted when our paintings bring smiles to your face. Behind our passionately created paintings lies the years of experience. So, if you are thinking of getting a digital oil painting from photos, you can definitely consider us.

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All the best for making Christmas more memorable for your loved ones. Do let us know about your special Christmas gifting experience by reaching out to us. You can also join us in the comment section.

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