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Oilpixel customers reaction to digital portrait paintings

Oilpixel customers reaction to digital portrait paintings

July 26, 2022

At Oilpixel, almost every day we are reminded about how wonderful the work we do is. Making digital portrait paintings are a job of great consciousness. As it is a responsibility of recreating a preserved memory in the form of a Digital Portrait. We take it as our duty to capture every mole, wrinkle, dimple, scar and smile the way it is.

While capturing all the intricate details of the face, it is also necessary to differentiate a portrait from a picture. A picture is about capturing the moments and digital portrait paintings are all about reliving those moments.

Digital Canvas Painting are life-like, they feel real and beautiful – this is a gist of what our clients have mentioned to us in the past.

Working in the profession of ‘Recreating Memories’, daily we come across heart-touching stories and precise demands in regards to digital portrait paintings. The backstory of many portraits may bring a tear or two into your eyes.

At times we are presented with torn, damaged, discoloured images that are in a tardy condition. Our in-house artists protect and preserve these damaged images through Old Photo Restoration Services.

With the help of Photo Restoration, the images become new and making digital portraits becomes easier.

If you want to transform an old picture into Digital Portrait, get in touch with us at

During almost a decade in the business, we have come across many such heartfelt stories, that have moved us. Today, we will be sharing a few of the most memorable Oilpixel Tales with you.

1. Son gets teary, sees his father for the first time in decades

The title follows the story of one of the greatest Digital Portrait jobs undertaken by the team Oilpixel.

Mr. Divyesh Panchal commissioned us with the project of painting a Life Size digital portrait painting of his deceased father. Before approaching us, Mr. Divyesh Panchal had worked with other Digital Painting artists, but none of them was able to deliver the desired result.

Disappointed, Mr. Diveysh Panchal contacted Oilpixel. After the inquiry call, he was invited for a meeting that lasted for 2 hrs. He came in with a handful of pictures he had of his father and a list of expectations.

Our artists were all ears in understanding his requirements. It was very important to match certain details, like the shape of the eyes, the persona of the smile, the build, and more. All of us were moved by the story of Mr. Umesh Panchal, the father of Mr. Divyesh.

It was very important for us to match the expectations of the Panchal family and deliver the best result. After the work of 3-4 days, we sent across the first draft of the portrait.

Within minutes we received a call from Mr. Divyesh. He was filled with tears of joy, after seeing his father’s Digital Portrait. He was happy and we were glad to meet his expectations.

After a round of changes, the final portrait was showcased at an event as a tribute to Mr. Umesh Panchal. On that day, every person’s eyes welled up with tears. Everyone felt like Mr. Umesh had returned.

2. Like Father, Like Son

Every household goes through this one debate, whether the kid looks more like the father or the mother. One of our clients was astonished by the amount of resemblance he shared with his son.

One day, while going through old photographs, he landed upon a picture from his childhood in which he was holding a badminton racket. This reminded him of another picture he had of his son. Surprised by the similarity of resemblance & pose, he decided to get a digital portrait made.

He had a vision of him when he was a kid, standing next to his son when he was a kid. We were awed by the thought of it, but both these pictures were taken ages back and were not in good condition. But Mr. Vipul Pandit, our chief artist took the task up, did the restoration of both these pictures and created a wonderful portrait of the father & son.

When the portrait arrived at their residence, and they had a glance at it, the entire family cheered looking at it. All of them talked about it for an hour. The father’s chest was swollen with pride. All of them were so happy, especially the father. It was clear who won the ‘looks more like father or mother debate’.

3. A friendship to cherish

This is the story of Bharat & Phani. 2 childhood friends who unfortunately couldn’t grow up together. It was because Phani lost his life to cancer at the age of 16.

Even after the loss of a friend the friendship remained. Bharat stayed in touch with Phani’s parents constantly. He used to visit them for dinner and spend time with them.

Before Mr.Bharat assigned us the responsibility of creating a Digital Portrait of Phani. He commissioned us to create a portrait of his father. Glad about the results & precision, he decided to surprise Phani’s parents with a digital portrait of Phani.

After hearing the backstory of Phani & Bharat’s friendship, we understood how much this portrait is going to mean for Mr.Bharat.

We dedicated ourselves to it and sent the portrait to Mr.Bharat. He was surprised, he sobbed, thinking his friend will speak to him any minute. While inquiring we realized that Phani’s mother had passed away a few days back.

Bharat’s wish of presenting her with Phani’s portrait stayed incomplete. But Phani’s father cried after seeing Phani, it felt like God had sent his son back. In the dark and difficult day, Phani’s image acted as his guiding light.

At Oilpixel, we are glad. Glad to meet the clients we meet, and do the work we do. It is all these small & big things that make Oilpixel what it is today.

The success of Oilpixel would have been incomplete without the cheers, tears of joy and happiness that we share and receive.

If you have any moment that you want to recreate if you have someone in your life you want to surprise with digital portrait paintings. Get in touch with us at

We do photo restoration, self-portraits, couple portraits & family portraits too.

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