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Memorable Diwali gifts for overseas friends and family

Memorable Diwali gifts for overseas friends and family

September 13, 2022

Diwali, the traditional festival of lights, is a grand occasion in India. House decorations, meal gatherings and Memorable Diwali gift-giving are some of the traditional Diwali customs that enhance the festivities. Moreover, this is the time of year when people return home to see their friends and family. Yes, the Diwali celebration marks the end of those NRI friends’ and family members’ never-ending yearning. 

We wish to give our loved ones gifts amidst all the pujas, sweets, new outfits and the much-needed holiday from work. But it can sometimes be difficult to choose the ideal gift for people who are far away from us. Recently, so many of our relatives, friends, and family have shifted abroad. And as we celebrate the festival of togetherness, we wish to send our love to them too.

Here are some Diwali gift ideas that you can easily order online to make the Diwali celebration special for your loved ones abroad, no matter where they are.

  • Gift Box/Hamper

Gift baskets are an excellent choice for Diwali. They are widely available on the internet and can be customized. Depending on who the basket is for, it can be filled with chocolate or Indian sweets like kaju katli and ladoo (laddu), because Diwali celebrations are incomplete without sweets and your loved one staying abroad might miss the ‘Nukkadwala halwai’ sweets. You can also add some lamps and make it an attractive gift box. There are many brands that offer Memorable Diwali gift boxes with goodies and sweets.

  • Digital Portrait Painting

Diwali, a festival of gifts, comes with its own ‘jugads’. People tend to pass on Mithai boxes and other gifts. Passing on gifts during this festival is common, and if you don’t want your gift to be passed on like any other, then customize it. The best option is Oilpixel’s Digital Portrait Paintings. It is a unique Diwali celebration gift as the portrait will have yours and your friend’s or family’s image painted with love. This is more than just a Memorable Diwali gift; it is an expression of your feelings and a smile full of emotions for your loved one.

  • Indian Tea or Coffee Box

A gift to savour from the country that produces the best tea and coffee. There are traditional brands available online that sell gift boxes of these beverages and have fabulous taste. Tea gifts can provide an alternative to unhealthy beverages such as packaged juices and soft drinks that are commonly distributed during Diwali. Whether it’s a cup of black tea, Kadak Masala chai or an iced latte, different types of beverages can be a gift of relaxation. These gifts can indeed comfort your loved ones and make them feel at home, even miles away from home.

  • Organic Beauty and Grooming Products

India is known for its natural beauty products as giving chemical-free products can help your friend get a natural glowing look. Many of our relatives would like to use Ayurvedic skin care products as they are chemical-free. This is a perfect Diwali gift idea as this can help your loved one groom for the biggest festival of lights. Before gifting beauty and grooming products, you can always ask about their skin type and preferences. You can also create a gift hamper of these products along with handcrafted goodies and a personalized gift card.

  • God Idols

Diwali is a traditional festival in which idols are worshipped. On Diwali, people worship Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi, who are known to bringjoy, good luck and prosperity. The beautifully designed idols are rare to find in foreign countries, so gifting Ganesha and Lakshmi idols to NRI friends on Diwali is a great way to shower them with wishes and blessings If your loved one is more traditional, cultural, and religious, you can give them a sitting idol of Goddess Lakshmi or Lord Ganesha made of clay, stone, silver, brass, gold, or another metal. This will also allow them to celebrate this auspicious festival in a ritualistic manner.

  • Indian Saree/ Attire

You might have observed that your friends and family overseas are obsessed with Indian clothes, because the quality and design available there might not be as good as ours. Diwali is a festival of traditions and gifting ethic wear, which can turn out to be a great Memorable Diwali gift idea. For middle-aged women, women, go for sarees or kurta sets. You can go for silk sarees for the elderly relatives and gift kurtas and ghaghra cholis to the kids. For men, you can give them a traditional kurta and pajamas/dhotis or just a kurta which they can pair along with jeans during the pooja or celebration. 

    • Sacred Boxes

Diwali’s spiritual significance represents the triumph of light over darkness. It commemorates Lord Ganesha, the God of Wisdom, and Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth. Pooja boxes containing essential pooja items such as moli, rose water, ganga jal, haldi, kumkum, panchmeva, and so on are ideal for gifting on Diwali and assisting friends and family members living abroad in performing Diwali pooja ritualistically. To add a little modern touch to the basket, you can also add designer diyas, which are available on the market along with flower-scented incense sticks.

  • Traditional Crockery

Crockery is another popular Diwali gift idea, especially since this is the season for eating at home. There are numerous options available, ranging from cups and saucers to intricately painted plate sets and even casseroles. If you are planning to send your gift to your friend or family miles away, don’t worry, it won’t break as there are many options in the courier market who can help you make your gift reach safely. 

What’s great about going “the kitchen and dining way” is the variety of options available—ceramic, glass, personalized, terracotta, earthenware, and much more—to match the personality of the person you’d like to give a gift to.

Hope the article helps you choose the most unique gift for sharing your love to the loved one overseas, because that’s what Oilpixel believes in- share love, celebrate everyday and recreate the beautiful moments. If you are looking for the best digital portrait paintings, then you have come to the right space! Visit our website and create the most unique and customized Diwali celebration gift for your family and friends overseas.

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