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Two photo to digital painting- Combined and Colourized

Restoring and Merging Two Old Photos to Revive Happy Memories!

October 27, 2023

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), anyone can generate images on demand only by describing their requirements. Nowadays, it’s easier to convert photo to digital painting. You can edit your pictures, change their background & even change the entire feel of the image.

It is easy to capture any moment with your smartphone. You can delete the picture or use any tool to get the best result. If you travel back in time, the luxury of capturing & saving moments used to be quite complicated. Clicking Photos was considered a Luxury back then. The camera, the reel and the lights were too costly and required lots of time & effort to click a single photo.

In Indian culture, there’s the tradition of maintaining a family tree. Moreover, conserving pictures of loved ones’ is quite common in different parts of the world. Conservation of ancestors’ or loved ones’ photos is not a custom but an emotion. Yet, it can be a difficult job, especially if the photographs have aged with time. The process of restoring old photos becomes difficult If you have to combine two images to recreate a lost or uncaptured moment.

Our client wanted to give a digital painting to his parents on their wedding anniversary. His parents didn’t have any pictures together. The client neither had any wedding albums of his parents nor any couple images. The client had an idea to combine, restore and colourise two damaged old photos into one.

Let’s Alter his Photo to digital painting. Don’t forget to check the results in the end.

Why Oil Paintings For Old Photos Restoration

Unlike traditional photo restoration techniques, oil painting provides an artistic touch to the photographs. The difference between photo restoration via Photoshop & Digital Oil Painting is that the artist can add emotions to the photo. In other processes, it’s not easy to alter the facial expressions of the image. Digital oil painting gives artistic freedom to both the artist and the client. Therefore, the client can get the desired portrait as per their desire. Not to forget the rich texture and depth achieved with the oil paintings, creating a 3-D effect on the canvas. The layers of the paint result in images with intricate detailing and high quality, providing a sense of realism to the painting on canvas.

Step 1: Drawing both the Images

The first step in the process of transforming a Photo to digital painting will be restoring each photo and merging both photos to create an image. For this, the client provided us with two pictures of his parents. Nonetheless, these images were unclear or blurred. It was too hard to get anything out of them. Firstly, we drew each image and copied all the elements as they were. Now, the next step is to trace out all the details and linings of the face.

Step 2: Detailings of the Image

After that, we worked on the details like facial expressions, hair colour and standing posture. Detailings of the eye colour, size and shape took us time to reach perfection. The face is the most crucial component in our paintings, and that’s the reason we spent hours working on it. Talking about facial expressions, Smile is one thing that drives certain emotions in our mind. That’s why we tried to replicate the smile as close as possible. Now, It was time to combine the two images. The process of combining or merging the two photos was quite complex. The merger of the two images required special attention to the edges and carefully aligning them.
After combining images, we then moved to adding colours to the drawing.

Step 3: Filling colours in the Image

Colouring is an art in itself. It requires a lot of attention and precision to fill in the combination of colours in the painting. From the perspective of a creative individual, It’s like brightening up the void & dark path with the lights of one’s creativity. As we started adding colours to the painting, the first thing was to balance the face colours. Creating a perfect texture on the face and hair colour is complex yet satisfying. Once done with colouring the face, hair and attire, we began colouring the background. Now, the image appears clean and more natural.

Step 4: Replacing or Coloring the background

The client was very peculiar about having a simple yet warm background. That’s the reason we opted for a lighter and earthly background. To avoid the mismatch of the colours and overall feel of the painting, we changed the jacket’s colour to a light colour. The Final result that came out after all the hard work was this!


The client was so happy, after looking at the final product of this Photo to digital painting process. Seeing the digital portrait, his parents were delighted, surprised and impressed. The client said he never imagined that the outcome of an old photo’s restoration would be fascinating and beautiful. He said, “This digital painting will be there forever. I will be able to access this painting even after 50 years.”

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