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Paying tribute to a well-lived life with a digital oil painting

Paying tribute to a well-lived life with a digital oil painting

March 26, 2021

A lot is written and discussed about finding the ultimate truth of life. There are people who put their lives into finding answers to these questions. However, when it comes to discussing death, it’s a complicated matter. This topic is sensitive and not everyone is comfortable talking or even thinking about it. If you are a sensitive person, and not comfortable with this topic, we recommend you do not read any further and switch to other interesting topics from our series of blogs. If you are okay with the topic then you may continue. In this article, we will be discussing how you can pay a tribute to your loved ones & why a digital oil painting is a great way of doing it. Stay with us throughout the article to gain a perspective on something, that is not discussed often.

Understanding the Well lived life
If you have an eye for the philosophy of life, you will find it all around you. The cult classic, Anand taught us,
“Babu Moshay, Zindagi lambi nahi, achchi honi chahiye!”
(Sir, your life need not long, but should be full of life).
Human beings often calculate life on the basis of the number of years one lived. However, it is not as simple as counting the runs while seeing your favourite batsman play. How well one lived can be understood by knowing how well they put their wisdom, intelligence & love while living their life. The purpose of life works as an anchor and often decides how fulfilling life one lives.
When someone passes away, their loss is irrecoverable. It creates a vacuum. Also, dealing with it is not easy. But here are a few things that can help you deal with this phase.

Getting over the loss
After the loss of someone, it’s a general perception that you get over it & move ahead in life. However, a person is not just a person. There are countless memories. The grief witnessed after a person’s demise is co-related to the amount of love for the person. This changes from person to person.
What matters the most is that you hold yourself together during this phase. A photo to digital painting can help in reminding you about the person after they have departed. Mourning a loss is natural. So give yourself some time without pushing too much through unrealistic expectations.

Give yourself a break
A lot of times it so happens that when a person rests in peace, you may think that during their time you did not love them enough. However, remembering then even when they are not around, is a sign of your love & compassion towards them. Being too harsh on yourself with this emotional burden is like not respecting the memories of your loved one. Alternatively, you can engage yourself in tasks that can help you slowly forget the grief. There are different ways in which people remember their loved ones. Digital oil painting is one way of doing it. This medium allows you to choose a picture of your choice & get it converted into a digital painting.

They will be with us for a long time!
When someone leaves us forever, the journey doesn’t end right there. The person’s existence is still there as long as the last person, whose life was touched in some or other way continues to live. They will be mentioned in the talks, their skills & qualities will be mentioned again and again.
The same is true for your loved ones. Your parents stayed with you through every up & down. Your grandparents showered warmth of love & compassion over you again & again. They will keep looking up to you. It is your responsibility that you make the most out of your life & make them proud. A family portrait painting is a great way of remembering close ones. With it, you will never feel that you are alone & it will refresh your family memories every time you take a look at it.

Remembering them
Ancient Indian scriptures state that, one comes in this world empty handed & leaves empty handed. What matters the most is the kind of difference that we create in this world. A person’s real wealth can be guessed from the number of people mourning their death. Tribute is a way of expressing respect or paying homage to a person’s virtue/ work. The fundamental purpose of a tribute is to let everyone else know about the work of a person. The feeling of gratitude is inherently ingrained in human beings and nurtured along with the evolution of civilization. This is the reason why people pay tribute to their loved ones. It’s always due to love & respect.

Recreating special memories
You may want to restore some of the old broken pictures that are closer to your heart. These can be pictures of your grandparents, relatives or even your parents. If you are worried about their poor quality, then you need not worry. With our digital photo restoration services, you can recreate those special memories. After a person’s demise, it is natural to long for the objects that may remind you of them. This makes these old images very valuable. However, as time passes, the old images may degrade. Restoring those images in the form of digital oil painting can retain & recreate their true essence & our photo restoration services can help you do that.

Show your love, with a painting from OilPixel
We are an art studio, based in India and we have delivered more than 7000 paintings all around the world so far. Our work involves converting people’s favourite pictures into beautiful paintings that seize a place in people’s heart. Life is a mix of sweet & sour and smooth & hard. With every painting that we create, we get to witness a part of this truth. Our paintings land on the happiest occasions like birthdays & marriages. They also reach memorial services. What is most important to never stop living with the spirit of love & happiness. Whether it’s a family portrait painting or a self-portrait, each of our paintings keep spreading this message. Right from restoring your old pictures with our photo restoration services to creating a pet portrait, we have a wide range of options that can help you choose from your favourite ones. In this space, we host conversations related to memories, gift ideas and spreading happiness. Feel free to follow us to stay updated. You can also join us in the comment section and join the conversation.

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