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A Gift for an older mom who has everything

March 11, 2020

As children, we all depend upon our parents – especially mom – for everything from cleaning up after us to gifting us our favourite toy on our birthday. Once we attain adulthood, it’s time to give back to them what we got from them – loads of TLC (Tender Loving Care). The problem however is, we get so much caught in the daily grind, and we forget the existence of parents, or find little time for them in our hectic schedule.

These amazing gifts for lonely elderly will make them happy and give them some tender moments of care.

A trip down the memory lane

With her strength waning, your mother is no longer able to rush from one chore to another as she did in your childhood. Indeed her mental alertness is not what it used to be. She lives more and more in the past – reminiscing about the “good old days.” Moreover, as you take over the responsibilities of the family, she has little to do anyway.

One of the best gifts for older mother is a custom-made photo album that has all the moments your parents captured during the journey of life. Place it gently on her lap as she sits on her bed or rocking chair with a hot cup of tea or coffee – which you have lovingly made for her.

Better yet, put up a collage of those pictures on the wall facing her bed so that she can look at it all day! Artists at Oilpixel can transform your mom’s life journey into a work of art using oils – and of course your favourite photographs.

Photo Calendar

Remember the days when mom would jot down groceries, prices, and what-not on the calendar behind the kitchen door. Well she now needs to jot down doctors’ appointments, dosage schedules and more.

Ease her stress and worry by presenting a smiling photograph of her husband, children, BFF and other family members even as she turns the pages of the calendar to make notations or check dates. It is among the best gifts for elderly women and a great way to bring back that dazzling smile that once mesmerized you – don’t you think?

At Oilpixel, we can restore old photographs or crate new portraits on fresh canvas – or calendar – for you. Just bring us the photographs.

Mom and Dad Portrait

The waning years of life are filled with nostalgia, loneliness, and often depression – as children get busy with their own lives and have little time to spare for their aging parents. Being a woman, your mother is more likely to introspect and get nostalgic – especially if dad is no longer around.

A mom and dad portrait that signifies the long journey they shared celebrating small and big achievements – both their own and those of their children – is by far the most loving of all gifts for older mother.

Bring your favourite photograph of the couple to us and our artists will bring it to life on canvas.

Family Portrait

Of all the gifts for lonely elderly, none can compare with seeing a large family portrait every time you look up at the wall before you. Get one for your ageing mom and give her the most loving gift ever. Try to fit as many members of your clan as you can into it – particularly her parents – and your dad’s parents too – as well as any favourite aunts, uncles, cousins or friends.

If you don’t have a single photograph that includes everyone, bring the pictures you do have to us. Our artists will create the portrait for you.

Family Portrait Wall

Senior citizens often suffer from dementia – or even Alzimers. If unfortunately your mom is a victim, she may not always be able to recollect her past – or even her present. To liven up her day, make space to put up portraits of your immediate and distant family members on her room wall. Put their names and relationship to your mom below each portrait. Then hang them up artfully – and voila! Your mom has her own personal family wall. All she needs to do is look at the wall and the joyful memories will come gushing back.

Artists at Oilpixel are experienced in creating portraits from photographs. Get us your favourite ones and we’ll help you create the most touching gifts for lonely elderly.

Mom Portrait

All the gifts we have discussed so far relate to family and friends – but nothing can beat a life-size portrait of mom from Oilpixel. You can make it the focus of your living room décor or the centerpiece on her family wall. Not only will the portrait serve as a memoir for you but it will also give your mom something to look forward to as our artists visit your home and go about creating the portrait. If your mom had a BFF who is no longer in touch or unfortunately no longer around, you can get her a BFF portrait instead – or a portrait of both of them together.

The waning years of life are fraught with debility, loneliness, and inactivity – bringing negativity into the lives of your mom who gave up a significant part of her youth to care and nurture you and your siblings. Give her the greatest gift of her life – give her a chance to relive the greatest moments of her life.

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