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Gift personalized Digital Portrait to your friend on Friendship Day!

Gift personalized Digital Portrait to your friend on Friendship Day!

July 21, 2021

Remember playing marbles on empty roads during hot June summers? Those never-ending hide-and-seek turns because a loser was hiding inside the house without telling anyone. Or the cricket games that were not subjected to the ground availability like today. What is the common thread among all these memorable events? Yes, you are absolutely right! No such memory can be complete without the mention of friends. Friends are companions. They don’t expect anything but the best for you. There is no joy greater than making fun of your friends and embarrassing them whenever you get a chance. However, there is a day in a year that gives all of us a chance to wash these sins! Yes, Friendship Day is around the corner. This is the time when you show your love and affection for your friend. Read this article to know how you can gift memories to your friend with a personalized digital portrait. We are here to help you out with making this gifting experience memorable for your friend.

Great bonds are created with memories!  

You have the fortune of making some amazing friends. What is the one thing that you cherish about these friendships? For most people, it’s the memories that they created with their friends. Be it traveling to mountains or those finding paths in breathtaking treks on old forts and valleys, you have made some unforgettable memories of your life.

It is said that the most important thing that one can give someone is their time. You have made the right choice by giving yours to the right people i.e. your friends. But what happens next? All those awesome moments need not be rotting in your gallery.

This Friendship Day, you can pick one favorite memory of you and your friend & turn it into a digital portrait. Well, this is the perfect gift we were talking about! Spending a few more minutes reading this article can lead you to your most memorable gifting experience so far. So read the article till the end.

Perfect Memory? Pick up one from the terabytes of data

So, first things first, we are all living in the digital world. This also means the way we create & preserve our memories is way different from our parents. A one-day trip leads to pictures worth 2-3 GBs of data. So, when it comes to finding a special memory of your friend, it’s indeed a challenging task. However, as a friend, you know which memories are special and can touch the chords. Ideally, such a picture can be chosen for the digital portrait. This memory when gifted to your friend, is going to be memorable for them! Put some thought into it.

It can be your group photo or it can be a picture of someone they love the most- their crush or parents, siblings etc. If your friend is someone who is married, you can plan a little surprise on this friendship day. Get a picture of the couple. It can be converted into a beautiful gift that will stay with them forever. For the beginning of beautiful companionship, a couple portrait painting can definitely be a memorable gift.

Got the right one? Here is what you do next

After selecting the perfect picture of your friend, all you have to do is visit our website and upload the picture, fill in the necessary details. Once our team confirms, you will receive a quote for the requested painting. This process is very quick and simple. Before we start creating the digital portrait, this interaction helps us in understanding the bond you share with your friend.

Our artists then try to bring the same emotion in a portrait they are working on. After creating the final portrait, you will be sent a softcopy. If there are any suggestions you have for the portrait, our artists may try to incorporate the same in the painting. After the final approval, your painting is sent for printing in case you have opted for a rolled canvas. If you wish to receive the softcopy of your painting, you will receive a high-definition image that you can share or print on any surface that you like.

Art that stands out 

In a very short time, creating a digital oil painting from photos has become very popular among people all across the world. There are several reasons that our clients shared with us and the top one among all of those is that, for digital artwork, the choice to select memory is in a client’s hands. Secondly, the digital artwork has both a soft copy as well as a hard copy.

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While the printed portraits land on the walls of living rooms, the soft copies of these artworks can be shared through social media sites, emails, personal blogs and everywhere else. Thus, if your priority is a gift that is different, then a digital portrait can be a great choice.

Loved the idea? Don’t wait! Book yours, today! 

So, you liked the idea of these portraits & want to order your digital oil painting? You can do that with us. OilPixel is an art studio, best known for creating digital painting online. We celebrate the joy of small moments that we get to share through each project. Whenever one creates a digital painting from us, it’s a story that our artists narrate with a painting.

We have so far created more than 7600 paintings for clients all across the world. We love what we do & there is nothing more interesting to us than being a part of your lives in small ways. This is a reason why when it comes to reviving the memories, people put their trust in us. Be it treasuring the old memories by recreating the special pictures with our old photo restoration service or getting personalized portraits, we get to create some amazing work for our valuable customers.

So getting a digital oil painting from us means trusting someone who knows their work. We are a small part of the creative ecosystem. The medium of digital portraits allows us to use our artistry and technology to spread smiles. With every new painting that we create a memory is treasured forever.

We hope that this article helps you. If you liked this article you can tell us in the comment section. Alternatively, you can write to us to share your gifting experiences. You can follow OilPixel on Instagram to stay updated with our latest stories! For your next gifting experience, you can consider digital oil painting from photos & we would be absolutely happy to help you with it!

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