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Gift digital portrait to a friend going abroad!

Gift digital portrait to a friend going abroad!

June 30, 2021

Life is an interesting journey. People with different experiences have fascinating stories to tell. Many people like to explore new cultures, languages & explore opportunities in unknown waters. Admissions to Ivy League Universities, Onsite Relocations by organizations or just the exploration; there can be endless reasons to move to a country. It takes courage to leave behind a life of comfort and move to an unknown land. The cuisine, language, people & surrounding; everything changes overnight! This time is challenging for a person undergoing this transition. Are any of your friends currently going through this process or planning to move abroad? With a digital portrait, you can make this transition smoother for your friend!

What is your favourite memory? 

Right from your childhood till this very day, you have had amazing memories with your friends. Those small celebrations of graduating to the next class, picnics and even the family celebrations. There can be endless moments that are documented well in the form of photographs.

Take a look at your picture collection, sort out a few and reflect on the memory that is closest to your friend. A memory that can evoke emotions & bring smiles is the best. You can choose such a photograph & convert it into a digital painting online. In the next paragraph, we will explain to you how you can get your digital painting from us.

The OilPixel way! 

So you have selected a special picture. The next step in this process is to send it to us. You can do that by visiting our website. You visit our order now page and upload your picture while filling in the necessary details. You will receive a call from our team at the earliest. If you have any specific requirements such as background colour, etc.

You can convey the same to our team and we will consider those. Our artists create a painting in 8-10 days & we deliver the digital portrait to you with the help of our reliable delivery partners. The printed rolls are delivered We always deliver as promised, however, it is advised that you plan in advance so that we get to work at our best to bring your painting to reality.

Personalized Painting – A gift with an emotional touch

You may wonder what makes a personalized painting so special. It’s not the price that decides the success of a gift, but it’s the intention with which a gift is given. It’s the joy of making someone feel special that decides the success of a gift. A digital portrait painting is special in several ways. It does not lose its relevance as time passes. Since it’s a special memory, the receiver keeps it for a really long time. Secondly, our paintings are so beautiful that they never fail to seize important places.

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From the walls of drawing halls, studies and bedrooms, our paintings keep reminding the receiver about their special memories & the beautiful people who gifted it to them. So, when your friend is thousands of miles away from the motherland, this painting will make them feel comfortable & reaffirm that they are not alone. You are always there for them. For someone away from home, this mere feeling is so relieving that it can enhance their confidence severalfold. Don’t believe it? Ask someone who has been there and done that. It’s not easy. Look in the eyes of your friends when you talk to them over a video call next time. You will understand!

Every painting is unique & more importantly is connected to the receiver in some way. This is a reason why our paintings make a perfectly memorable gift. But how are these paintings made? With the art of photo to digital painting conversion, our artists using two different software.

Our artists, who are masters of this art, craft beautiful stories of people. A painting tells a thousand stories, you need to learn how to listen to them. Our artists take your beautiful moment and turn it into a digital portrait. Gifting such moments to your loved ones means bringing their special memory back from their photo album to right in front of their eyes.

Love and Gratitude for OilPixel Community

The joy of life is in small things. Gratitude has the power to overcome all complaints & bring happiness to people. Delivering more than 7500 paintings across every corner of the world, we have received tremendous love from the OilPixel community & we are grateful for all the love. With every painting, we get to be a part of a fascinating story & bring it forward to the world. It’s a small journey that we enjoy & treasure. These stories bring out the beautiful shades of people. Some are inspiring while some are flooded with love.

Our services 

We are often called experts in creating digital painting online. It is a testament to the work that our artists put together. We offer a variety of digital portrait services. You can select a Child Portrait Painting for your children or opt for a Couple Portrait Painting for your Couple friends.

For individual paintings, you can go with a Self Portrait Painting. We also offer our unique photo restoration services. For every occasion, we have a painting that can spread happiness. With this, you can bring life to your old pictures that are fading or need restoration. Without compromising the essence & soul of the original picture, our artist turns them into beautiful digital paintings. With our digital photo restoration services, you can retain your priceless memories.

What are you waiting for? Get your painting today!

The gift should stand out from the rest while bringing a smile to the receiver’s face. To do this, the best choice is a digital oil painting. Use the magic of art to strengthen your bond with your loved ones and make them feel special.

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