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Digital Portrait Paintings | Oilpixel 2023 Wrapped

Oilpixel’s 2023 wrapped

December 29, 2023

2023 is just about to end, and it is the time of the year when we look back on the year’s best moments. Being an art studio, Oilpixel paints digital portrait paintings and photo restorations, but there are always a few with heart-touching stories behind them.

Before creating or restoring any portrait or photo, we talk to our clients, who tell us their reason or story behind recreating portraits or photo restoration. In this way, we become a part of our clients’ stories. This helps us in recreating those details in our digital portrait paintings.

We love everything we create. Every portrait created at Oilpixel tells us a story behind it. But some portraits hold a special place in our hearts, which makes us emotional and happy because they chose to make Oilpixel a part of their personal feelings.

So before bidding this year farewell, in this blog, Oilpixel would like to share a few portraits and why they are close to us. Let us have a look at these stories.

1. Family portrait of Ilangovan Sivag

A complete family portrait is something which everyone wants hanging on the walls of their sweet home. Who wouldn’t want a beautiful family portrait? Be it hand-painted portrait paintings or digital portrait paintings.

This heart-touching story is of Ilangovan Sivag and his family portrait. He wanted a family portrait painted and contacted us. But he said, “I want the exact details which are present in the picture, from clothes to expressions, from colors to hairs. Everything as it is”. He wanted to keep the essence of that picture alive as this picture is very close to him.

We were touched by his detailed explanation about his family photo. It showed how deeply he observed every detail and explained it to us. We did our best to showcase what Ilangovan told.

After completion of this portrait, a soft-copy was sent to Ilangovan, so that he can point out the changes. But, he loved the portrait in the first go itself! He called us back to inform us that this was what he wanted in his family portrait. We were delighted by his response. He was so happy that we could feel the tears of joy in his eyes when we talked on a call.

This was Ilangovan Sivag’s story which touched us deep, because of the detailed description given by him. We were touched that this man remembers the details so deeply that they were imprinted on our mind and came out exactly how he wanted.

2. Sarika’s love for her dad

All dads are superheroes, who are loved the most by their daughters. This story of Sarika and her love for her father is one of the stories which touched our hearts.

This digital portrait is of Sarika’s dad, who was adored by Sarika. She respected and cared for him alot. She decided to get his portrait done and contacted us. She saw our work on social media platforms and explained to us that she has a picture of her dad, which she loves as he looks influential in this photo.

When we were discussing the details, she was explaining everything with so much detail, that it almost felt like she was narrating a beautiful story about her father. The emotions she carries for him touched us and we started working on the digital portrait painting of Sarika’s dad.

From his appearance to his body posture, from the colors of his clothes to other details, we kept everything as it was in the photo sent by her. She informed us that she wanted to change the background. So we modified the background.

We informed her when the portrait was done. Her reactions were just enough for us to understand that she loved the portrait of her dad, as she saw her dad’s photo to portrait.

3. Nirbhay Raj & the portrait of his father

A father plays an important role in his children’s lives. But a son is someone who sees himself in his father. Mr. Nirbhay Raj had the same dream, to be the person his father was.

Mr. Nirbhay saw our digital portrait paintings on our website through his friend’s reference. He wanted a portrait of his father. During our discussion round, he showed us a photo of his father, who was sitting on a chair at some function. Mr. Nirbhay mentioned that he wanted to change the chair and background.

The photo had a lot of details, like the stripes on his turban, the creases on his attire, and the book in his hand. Oilpixel didn’t want to miss any of these details, so we portrayed these minute details carefully. We also changed the chair as per Mr. Nirbhay’s choice.

When we presented this portrait to Mr. Nirbhay, we saw tears in his eyes. We were satisfied that we devote ourselves to paint memories that garner such reactions. To know that we transformed a photo to portrait, very well. It might just be a portrait for someone, but for someone it might mean the world.

The year end is just a few hours away and this year we came across many portraits, but there are a few, which touched us deeply. But as we take another step forward to the new year, let us cherish all the happy memories.

With Oilpixel, you can turn your best memories into digital portrait paintings. Just get in touch with us at We do canvas portrait painting, photo restoration services, and family portraits too.

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