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Celebrate the bond of love with a Family Portrait Painting from Photos

Celebrate the bond of love with a Family Portrait Painting from Photos

September 28, 2021

Family is a feeling. Everything that we have is a blessing for which we can be grateful to our family. Family is not just people, it’s a lot more. Those playful rivalries among siblings, listening to stories from grandparents, waiting for a perfect Sunday picnic & celebrating the small joys in life; with family, everything looks happier & desirable.

Creating memories with family means living life to its fullest. Who wouldn’t want to relive these memories again and again? We can’t live in the past, but taking a glimpse at family memories is like feeling a fresh breeze.

A family portrait painting is one way of celebrating this beautiful bond. This article talks about everything that you need to know about family portraits. Before we dive right into the topic, let’s understand a family painting better.

Why do you need a family painting?

Most family paintings are hung on the prime wall in drawing halls. These paintings are the first thing that any visitor notices right after entering. Does it mean that family paintings are for the visitor to see? Well, the answer is not that simple.

A house isn’t just a shelter but means a lot more for a family. Similarly, a family portrait associates a personal feeling to the space. So, when you place a family portrait painting in the drawing hall, it recreates a memory that radiates the feeling of togetherness bonding a family together.

Now let’s know more about the art form, which is unique in many ways.

Digital painting is an art form in itself

Every art form is unique in some sense, and the same is true for digital paintings as well. These are the paintings that are created on a digital canvas. There are different software and digital tools used to create these paintings. Evolved from the fusion of conventional painting & the new age technology, this art form has evolved in the last two decades.

Those who master the art of digital portrait painting are called illustrators or digital artists. Creating digital paintings requires expertise. Several hours of work may be involved in creating each painting.

How is a family painting created?

So, we understood how the art of digital painting is different from normal paintings. Now let’s see how a digital painting is created. Everything starts from a reference picture. You will need a good-quality photograph that features every member of your family. If you do not have a group family picture, then no need to worry.

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You can select different pictures of family members. Our digital artists can then bring these pieces together to form a family portrait painting. Based on the number of members in your painting, we recommend a suitable size that can look good in your room.

However, that’s not all. If you have any message, quote or lines of your favourite poem/scripture to feature in your painting, you can tell us & our artists can incorporate it in your painting. The painting is only finalized after receiving a go-ahead from your end.

How will you receive your painting?

We at OilPixel, are an art studio based out of India & we have created digital paintings for clients all across the globe. If you are someone living in India, you can opt for a painting in both the physical as well as digital form.

We print the paintings on high-quality archival canvas. These canvases are rolled into PVC containers and then safely delivered to you with the help of our delivery partners.

For people living in other countries, you can receive a high-quality soft copy of your painting. You can then get this digital portrait painting printed & framed from your nearest facility.

Received the painting? What next?

You may have many questions like how to hang your paintings? What are some of the good places to keep your paintings? No worries. We are here to help you out with all these queries.

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Mostly, a family portrait painting is placed in the drawing halls. However, you may have other shared family spaces such as a recreational room or a family diner. You can choose any prominent wall of these spaces.

As long as the maintenance of these paintings is concerned, dusting once in a while is more than sufficient. Preferably choose a centre on a wall to place the painting.

How should I choose the right studio to create my painting?

Expertise is the key & it comes with time. We at OilPixel, are spreading happiness with our paintings since 2014 & created more than 7500 digital oil painting from photos so far. The OilPixel community is spread all over the world. You can visit our website and go through our gallery. If you like our work & choose OilPixel, we will be honoured for the responsibility of cherishing your memories.

We never claim that we are the best, but our clients shower us with all the kind words. We absolutely love this admiration that’s our real prize. Being part of your stories is the real joy that makes us happy.

Family portraits – A perfect gifting option?

So, you liked the idea of getting a family portrait? Why keep it limited to your family then! If you are looking for a gift option for your loved ones, then you can surely consider family portraits. It’s a gift that will stay with them for a really long time. Just plan in advance so that you can receive the painting right in time.

We hope you liked this article & it helped you understand everything about digital oil painting from photos. If you trust us with your family portrait, be assured that we will put our heart & soul into creating it. Every painting that we create is indeed special & close to our hearts. It’s the way we express ourselves.

What do you think completes a family portrait? How would you like your family portrait to be? Do let us know in the comment section. To stay tuned with all our updates, you can follow us at OilPixel.

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