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Christmas gift ideas for painters

Christmas gift ideas for painters: Celebrating the painter of your life

December 19, 2023

Christmas is a bright and cheerful festival, which we celebrate with our family and close ones. Christmas is that time for the year when we spend time with our loved ones, bond over, and exchange gifts.

Christmas is just around the corner and along with it comes the never ending question of gifting. Especially if someone from your close ones is a painter. Christmas gift ideas for painters could be challenging but rewarding. Let us have a look at his blog, that might help you in finding a perfect Christmas gift for the painter of your life.

Painters have creativity and a vibrant perspective through which they see, doesn’t matter if they are professional painters, intermediate, or a basic learner. Finding and gifting them something special will work as an enhancer in their artistic potential.

The world of gifts is huge and it comes with many options. We have created a list of Christmas gift ideas for painters, which also includes Christmas customised gift ideas. From Traditional to Digital, from supplies to subscription, from readymade to customized. From painting tools to portraits itself, we have got your back! Let us have a look into what we’ve got for your Christmas gifting ideas.

1. Traditional tools of painting

A painter is not a painter unless he/she has a ton of traditional art supplies. But these supplies can never ruin the charm of art tools like paints, premium brush sets, canvases & sketchbooks, easels etc. These basic art supplies will make them happy for sure.

-Paint Sets: A premium set of acrylic & watercolor paints is preferable. Both colors have different mediums, which can cater to different preferences and techniques.

-A set of Premium Brushes: Add some more brushes by gifting various types of brushes, which are used for various painting techniques.

-Canvas or Sketchbook: A blank canvas or sketchbook is all it takes to let their imagination go artistic! Invest in various sizes to give them a room to explore more.

-Easel: A solid and foldable easel can be an ideal choice to enhance the productivity and comfort of the painter.

2. Digital painting tools

The digitalization has covered almost all the fields, including painting portraits. Digital art has been trending since the last few years. Digital painting tools can be a great gift for the painter who has adopted digital art.

-Ipads or graphic pads: A basic necessity of a digital painter. They offer desired control while creating digital artworks.

-Digital Pen or High-tech Stylus: These digital pens can come along with any digital drawing pads or can be bought individually. They are known to provide sharp precision.

3. Art courses & subscriptions

With digital art tools come art courses and subscriptions which can be helpful in guiding your painter friend and give them a chance to explore more in the digital art world.
Gifting them some popular digital art courses and softwares subscriptions like Adobe, Photoshop, Illustrator can help them in mastering digital art.

4. A digital portrait painting

Gifting painters their own portrait as a Christmas gift will be something exciting, as the painters always make other people’s portraits as orders, gifts etc. But them receiving a portrait of their own can make them emotional. These Christmas gift ideas for painters can be rewarding and it can stand apart from normal gifts.

5. Gifts like Art Books, Art Tours, Customized Art Supplies etc.

These are some various artistic gift options which are unique.

-Art magazines or books: Gifting art magazines or books, which can help them in expanding their art knowledge by making them aware about famous painters, artistic movements, techniques etc.

-Art tours: Gifting your painter friend with art tours around the city can inspire them to create something beautiful. The art tour can be at an Art Museum, Art Exhibition or just at random places where the cityscapes look enchanting. This will definitely help in elevating their artistic abilities.

-Customized art supplies: You can also gift them customized art supplies with their name or a word that they can connect with, which defines them which can be printed on painting aprons, sketchbooks, paint-brushes, etc.

-Art organization supplies: Creative people are messy. You can help them by gifting them organizing supplies like storage bins, brush holders, or a medium sized cabinet to arrange their sketchbooks, papers etc.

In this world, which itself is an art, the painter of your life deserves a gift which matches their passion. Finding Christmas gift ideas for painters can be a great experience. They will appreciate your courteous gesture of gifting them something which is their passion. Because it is not just about gifting them something but it is about your efforts, your thoughtfulness which shows that you care for them.

You can celebrate the painter of your life by gifting them these gifts for painters, Christmas customised gift ideas, digital portrait painting or art tours etc. To keep their artistic spirit alive, get in touch with us at OilPixel to be your unique gifting partner.

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