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12 Thoughtful Wedding Gifts to Buy for Your Best Friend

12 Thoughtful Wedding Gifts to Buy for Your Best Friend

September 14, 2023

Wedding gifts are a wonderful way to celebrate the union of two people in love. They symbolise your affection and best wishes for the couple as they embark on this beautiful journey together. It can be really challenging to come up with the best gift for someone so special but it is important for the gift to be as rare as they are. In this blog, we aim at making it easy for you to pick the perfect wedding gifts, including gift painting ideas like digital portrait painting, couple portrait painting, and other gifts that will leave a lasting impression on the newlyweds.

Personalised Wedding Map:

You can gift your best friend with a personalised wedding map. This gift can be really heart touching as it will map all the beautiful milestones the couple has had. A wedding map can show where they first met, where they shared all their firsts, where they got engaged, trips they have taken together. The map can include all meaningful details and landmarks, beautifully designed and framed. The couple can keep pinning special milestones and dates to the map as time goes by. This can be a beautiful way for the couple to reminisce about their adventures together.

Digital Portrait Painting:

In today’s digital age, consider gifting the couple a digital portrait painting. This modern twist on traditional art allows for creativity and personalisation. At OilPixel, our artist can create a beautiful masterpiece that incorporates a special moment from their relationship which the couple can cherish for a lifetime. Your best friend will always think about you whenever he/she will see this beautiful framed painting hanging on their wall. A painting that makes them feel more at home and more connected to each other.

Custom Wedding Vows Art:

The couple’s wedding vows can be converted into a beautiful piece of art so that they can preserve those promises for a lifetime. The vows can be beautifully handwritten in beautiful calligraphy fonts, on a rich textured paper. This thoughtful gift can act as their pillar of strength, as whenever they will have tough days, they can look at all the beautiful promises they made to each other.

Handcrafted Jewellery:

Gift the bride a piece of jewellery specially handmade for her. One she can wear on her special day or any other special occasion to follow. Since no one knows your best friend like you do, keep in mind something that they would really like and wear more often. It can be a beautiful necklace or a love bracelet. This elegant and personal touch will make her feel even more beautiful.

Wine or Whiskey Tasting Experience:

For a couple who share a fine taste in beverages, gifting them a wine or whiskey tasting experience can really be exciting. They can indulge in this beautiful private tasting experience where they have an expert with them while also giving them their private space to savour this day. This can be a romantic experience for them to bond over their favourite drinks and create lasting memories.

Weekend Getaway Package:

Surprise the newlyweds with a weekend getaway package to a romantic destination. Whether it’s a cosy staycation, an escape into the woods, a beachfront resort, or a relaxing breakfast in bed. A weekend away from the hustle-bustle can help them relax after exciting but exhausting wedding festivities.

Personalised Home Decor:

Add a personal touch to enhance the interiors of the couple’s home. You can pick from beautiful home decor pieces, decorative planters, vintage frames, soft bed linens, to anything the couple might admire. These pieces won’t only enhance their living space but will remind them of their special day.


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Gift Cards For Experiences:

The beautiful wedding gifts you give to the couple can include a gift card of an unforgettable experience. Give them a gift card of an activity they can indulge in together. This can include tickets to a concert, a relaxing spa day, a cooking class, a salsa dance class, gaming night, or any experience you feel they’ll love.

Couple Portrait Painting:

One of the most timeless and romantic wedding gifts is a digital couple portrait painting. This painting can capture the essence of the newlywed’s love. The best wedding picture can be picked and an artist can work his/her magic to create it into a beautiful digital oil painting. The couple will undoubtedly be touched by this heartfelt gesture and will beautifully display it in their home.

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A Year of Date Nights:

You can help your bestfriend to spice up their wedding with fun date night cards sealed in envelopes. Each envelope can contain a pre-planned date night idea. It could be a candle light dinner, a movie night, a cooking class, a sip and paint session, or even a karaoke night. With this gift it can be ensured that they have surprises throughout the first year of their wedding and the couple can spend some really good quality time.

Recipe Book With Personalised Recipes:

If the couple enjoys cooking together, make a recipe book filled with all their favourite dishes and family recipes. Include handwritten notes and personal touches to make the recipe book extra exclusive. This gift not only adds a personal touch to their kitchen but also ensures they have a lifetime of delicious meals to share.

A Wedding Keepsake Box:

A wedding keepsake box can be a wonderful way for the couple to store their cherished mementos from their wedding day. You can customise a beautiful keepsake box. Imagine a mahogany wooden box engraved with their names in golden fonts with the date of their wedding engraved on it. This will become a precious storage for their most treasured memories.

When it comes to choosing the perfect wedding gift for your best friend, gift painting ideas like digital portrait paintings can add a unique and heartfelt touch to your present. However, along with art – consider couple’s interests and passions to pick gifts that resonate with them and celebrate their love. With these thoughtful wedding gift ideas, you’ll surely make your best friend’s day even more memorable. If you feel like gifting them a digital oil painting, we are here to create a painting that will leave your best friend spellbound. Get in touch with us on to discuss all the intricacies of the painting.

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