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Best Gift for Newly Married Couple

September 8, 2020

When two people enter into the bliss of marriage, life is both overwhelming as well as exciting. Every day is new for both a bride and a groom as they start settling into their new life with new hopes, dreams, and expectations. At this crucial juncture of their life, as much as they need more time to be spent with each other, they also need support from their friends and family. Relationships especially of the husband and wife go through the roller coaster ride during the early years of marriage when the couple is trying to understand and adjust with each other. This is more true in the case of an arranged marriage, as two different personalities who know each other for just a few months have now come together to spend their entire life with each other.

The best thing that friends and families can do to support these newly married couples happily settle in their married life is by showering their love with meaningful gifts. Gifts that adds to their excitement of starting a new beautiful phase of life along with explaining them the significance of the institution of marriage in our society. Wedding gifts also help the couple to reinstate their faith in togetherness in times of sweet and silly fights. Here are some beautiful yet thoughtful gift options for the newly married couple:

Personalized Nameplate

This gift is a symbol of starting a family together. It also gives the couple a sense of owning a house together and converting into a home with their love and happiness. Personalized wooden nameplates can be bought online or from a gift store. One can go as creative as possible in getting a marvelously designed and customized nameplate. This gift will also be a good reminder of the giver as it will be visible every day in the couple’s home.

Couple Cooking Books

When one enters the married phase of life, cooking for each other and family becomes an inevitable thing. Many times, women take it as an added responsibility that comes along with other responsibilities of marriage. And in the later stage, when one gets too much loaded with personal and professional obligations, cooking can become boring and frustrating. Hence, couple cooking books can actually come to the rescue to keep the romantic fires burning between the couple. With modernization in society, men equally take part in cooking, and cooking together as a couple can be a wonderful thing to do. Apart from spending quality time with each other, cooking together also evokes the feeling of love and care.

Couple Digital Portrait 

Another fantastic gift that can be cherished for a lifetime by the newly wedded is a couple portrait painting. Any picture, be it their wedding picture, picture of their first date, picture of their first long drive, or any picture that depicts the true love between them can be transformed into a couple digital painting. This painting can beautifully adorn their living room or a bedroom. Also, it will always be a lovely reminder of the amazing bond between them and will also help to further strengthen their relationship. Oilpixel is the best destination to get a couple portrait painting done. Oilpixel specializes in oil painting wedding portrait and also other forms of portrait painting like kids portrait painting, family portrait painting, pet portrait painting, photo restoration services, etc. Submit the couple’s best picture and within a few days, you will get the soft copy in your email. If you want a rolled canvas copy or a frame, then too, Oilpixel will get it done and deliver the painting to your doorstep. The painting with the artistic touch will surely serve as the best gift for a  newly married couple.

Home Decor Item

As the newly wedded couple are settling into their home, any home decor item, be it a lamp, antique wall clock, artistic candle case, flower vase, any type of wall art, etc. can be given as a gift. The couple who is enthusiastic to set into their new homes will find these gifts very useful and love to decorate their home with it. These gifts will also add up to their enthusiasm for starting a new life together. And, above all, the gift will be a constant reminder of the beautiful bond they share with you as a friend or a family member.

Travel Suitcase 

A travel suitcase is definitely an interesting gift. Marriage is, of course, an adventure and a travel suitcase can be the right gift for couples who are embarking their beautiful journey together which is no less a romantic adventure together full of twists and turns. A travel suitcase other than being helpful during their honeymoon, it can also inspire them to take yearly vacations and spend quality time with each other. For travel-loving couples, a premium travel suitcase can be the perfect gift.

Every couple is different. Before purchasing a gift for them, understand properly their likes and dislikes, their hobbies and preferences, and then choose the perfect gift that helps to start their married life with full joy and new vigor.

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