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When the end becomes more important than the means

When the end becomes more important than the means

July 6, 2017

The process of crafting an art work is more important. That’s when it belongs to you

Creativity lies not in the DONE but in the DOING… ”

It is ACTIVE phase, always a process, shifting and becoming.

Have you heard those lyrics from the Bollywood film Ijazaat — katra katra behta hai, katra, katra kahata hai, jeene do. Payasi hoon main, pyasi rehne do….

As humans we always try to define, categorize, or stereotype everything. But art cannot be boxed in like that. Art is beyond descriptions because it is the work created by God in His own image.

“An artist’s life is like that of a boxer’s. You beat yourself up learning the art, you beat yourself practicing, then, if you’re lucky, you get a chance to go in the ring where everyone can see what you’ve got to show them, and you get beat up again. Maybe you win. Maybe you lose. Either way you’re bloody and bruised. Enjoy the process, it’s what gets you where you’re going,” writes a wag for Nice Photography Magazine.

The process of art-making can sometimes be scary, only because it’s liberating as an exercise.No one is compelled to like or dislike art. Yet if that happens, it happens for its own rhyme and rhythm. They may be no justification of how a piece of art impacts you and the impact can be different for different people. Indeed, it changed you completely. That’s why I consider artists so brave as a community.

Undoubtedly the art of pro-creating – a new life or an art form – is a challenging, cathartic process. That’s why so few of us make good artists.

Those who do make it to the finishing line, manage to do so only because they enjoy the journey; the process of art-making.

And if they are able to enjoy the process so much, it’s because they are able to immerse themselves completely into the process, let go; and let art takes its own form and execute its own will.

Often in life, we have to step back, look in the complete picture and then if we can change things, change, otherwise accept things as they are. That’s the kind of clinical detachment from your own work, produces life and immortalises an artistic outpouring.

Isn’t that the approach we follow with our own children?

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