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What should you gift your loved ones this Diwali 2020?

November 10, 2020

Diwali 2020 is definitely going to be the special and different one! Reason? We are all going to celebrate it in a different way as the pandemic is yet to get over. It is also going to be a special one as, after months of lockdown and boredom, the festivities of Diwali will bring the waves of bliss and joy. Of course, we will not be able to get together, visit our friends and family or even go out shopping, but we can also do much more sitting at home to cheer up our oldies and children who have been patiently sitting at home and helping us out with household chores since the start of the pandemic. Also, Diwali will be the time to connect with our friends and families through online platforms. This Diwali, indulge in preparing the finest of cuisines, decorating your home, buying gifts for your loved ones, and conveying the message that how much you love them and how much you miss being with them. Make this festival a special one by spreading love and happiness.

When it comes to choosing gifts for your near and dear ones, choose something really exclusive to compensate for all the quality time that you people have missed together due to the ongoing pandemic. This time, just do not give something random but give something special that really lightens up the spark of love and make the festival of lights brighter.  In case you are overloaded with work and household responsibilities, in this blog, we have narrowed down a few gift options that can work wonders to create long-lasting bonds. So, this Diwali 2020, gear up to cheer up the spirits of everyone around you. It is the best time of the year to again welcome positivity and hope in one’s life.

Gold or Diamond Jewellery

The gift of gold or diamond jewellery shows your excessive love for the person. Especially, if the person is your sister, mother, or wife, a gift of jewellery will surprise them and make the bond stronger for life. During Diwali, many online jewelry portals and jewelery stores give awesome discounts on making charges. You can definitely grab this benefit and purchase either dainty earrings for regular wear or a statement piece of necklace for a special occasion.

Festive Clothes

Due to the ongoing pandemic, shopping for festive clothes at malls and your favorite designer boutique stores is definitely going to be difficult. However, one can buy festive clothes online on portals that follow all the standards for safety. If any of your near or dear ones are still hesitating to buy clothes online, you can buy for them and make their festival a happier one.

Artisanal and Organic Sweets

Does your dearest friend has a sweet tooth? And, if your friend is restricting himself or herself from savoring the sugary delights due to the fear of catching a cold and cough in these times of pandemic, the best thing that you can gift your friend or your dearest cousin is a box of organically prepared sweets and chocolates. One can enjoy these sweets without any guilt and fear. If you are great at cooking delicious sweets, then do not even go out to look for artisanal and organic sweet makers, but prepare your friend’s favourite sweet at home with all-natural ingredients and wrap it in a beautiful design box. We assure you that this gift will win his or her heart and add a zing to the festival.

Digital Portrait Painting

If you wish to gift something really exclusive this Diwali, then gift memories with Oilpixel. A digital portrait painting of beautiful moments spent together, captured beautifully in an artistic way will be a gift for a lifetime. With this gift, you can make the bonding stronger and can convey your love in the most amazing way. Family oil painting portraits paintings along with being the best Diwali gifts, they also make the wall of your home look absolutely stunning. Transform your friend’s favorite photo to digital painting and surprise him or her. Visit the Oilpixel website and browse through the different categories of paintings like kid’s portrait painting, couple portrait painting, self painting, pet portrait painting, etc. and order one as a gift. Now, you can easily turn your photo to digital painting and make your memories look more special.

This Diwali 2020, invest your time and energy in thinking about gifts that can mark the beginning of a hopeful and fantastic new year in your near and dear one’s life. We all know that 2020 has been a year of a roller coaster ride, let us forget the unfortunate happenings and welcome the fortune in our lives by the beautiful gestures of gifting and spreading positivity. Let us all get together and make the New Year happier for everyone around us.

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