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The best gift for a father on his birthday

March 26, 2020

For most of us, whenever we feel hurt or lowly with life, the first person we want to rush to is the mother. Rarely does the memory of a father figure flash, except when it’s an extra special bond, say between a father and a daughter.

Cross gender relationships, arguably work very well in filial family equations.

A father is usually a tall, looming figure. The provider of the family. The person who gives us the best “things” in life that “money can buy,” one who creates comfortable conditions in your life and gives you a warm feeling of security, right?

Unfortunately, the backbone of the family has always remained in the background. A father is seldom able to hog the limelight that a mother easily does, and often gets a far lesser share of love and care from the kids.

If you think, you are in the same boat….continue reading this blog….

While older-generation fathers were mainly resource gatherer for the family, modern-day Dads have a more hands-on job role. And when a child grows older and gets married, a new father gets added to the list – the father-in-law, who needs to be appreciated for his less-understood, supportive role in the family.

Hence, for a species so elusive, on their special day like birthday, or on the international Father’s Day here’s what you can give as a befitting birthday present for father. Unlike the mind boggling options you have for moms, gifting options for fathers are anyways limited, but the sheer joy of searching for unique birthday gifts for men is definitely worth a try.

Ditto for the gift for father-in-law on his birthday to make his day, and make your day too in making him extremely happy.

Here are a few unique ideas to get you started.

The gift of time spent with him

This gift should stand out at the top of your list. Go take a morning or evening walk, hike or plan a vacation together. Indulge him in a physical activity, such as cricket, tennis or golf that binds you together. Trust us that this quantum of quality time spent together will rank as unique birthday gifts for men across the world. Indeed a lot of tour operators have now started creating men-only packages for such demographics and for such happy bonding occasions.

Recreate Memories

Remember, men are emotional beings too! It is just that most often the softer emotions are not hung out in public. So, if you have a picture of your father or father-in-law that you or him like the most, then the most ideal gift for your father, or the ideal gift for father-in-law on his birthday would be an oil canvas of that picture.

At, we have acclaimed artists to create photo-realistic portraits from your old print or digital pictures through a detailed and elaborate process of photo restoration, finishing or manipulations to bring out the emotions dramatically. Until a photograph, an oil painting would last him forever.

One suggestion – Choose a candid photo to make a most memorable portrait of a lifetime!

Gift an experience

Quite often, Indian men toil till their children are married and well-settled. They get to really unwind only in their 50s, and that’s where you come into the picture – literally!

Why not gift him an unforgettable experience like sky-diving, bungee jumping or simply learning to play a musical instrument! Such experiences are bound to revive memories of their youthful days.

Get him to meet an old friend

After a particular stage in life, everyone gets busy with one’s professional pursuits. A chance meeting with an old chuddy-buddy can therefore be the most thrilling experience for a dad. So, if you know a long-lost friend of your father or father-in-law, he would love to connect with, take the secret initiative and arrange a one-on-one. These days, the search has become a child’s play with social media platforms like Facebook!

Remember, unlike mothers, fathers are far less expressive with their emotions. Blame it on their upbringing or on their genes, but it’s a fact.

Don’t gift him a pack of cigars, old wine or booze. Gift them an experience that they have longed for all their life or will cherish for the rest of their years.

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