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Recreated Emotions

November 12, 2016

Art has the capacity to express your emotions much more than words. The colors, strokes, lines and shades in digital photo painting carry your heartfelt feelings to your loved ones that no precious gift could ever do. Read the story of siblings who chose OilPixel digital photography to speak their heart out.

She used to bug me, tug me and lug me every time, everywhere. She fought with me, got finicky on every choice I made, branded me old fashioned but still sneaked inside my faded pink t-shirt or my dull green skirt. Her habit of wearing my fav t-shirt irked me infinitely. She could give long commentary on the latest fashion trends but mumbled something incomprehensible when questioned about her scores in Chemistry. SHE was my darling sister. Then one more person was in our team who was the exact opposite of what we were together. He loved boxing and his favourite opponents were our dolls and makeup kits on which he applied his talents. In his preferred stint, he had broken the neck of several of our dolls with quite a few of them even going handicapped. This incredible talent was of my younger brother who although being adorable was our biggest rival. In short our house used to be a complete replica of a boxing ring where my mother used to be the referee. Inspite of all, we were a team that used to gossip, quarrel, took advises, gave lectures but dreamt together. Our dreams were the bubbles filled with our aspirations inside which we wanted to get embedded, never to come out. My sister was a superb cook and made fabulous Chinese dishes which earned her several Michelin stars from my mom and relatives. On the other hand I could make only tea that somehow turned so dark, that no one preferred having it. My brother among others was the biggest critic for both of us.

I was good in studies and scored well in all the subjects, especially chemistry, that gave me brownie points among my teachers. On the contrary she fared average in few subjects and less than average in chemistry. This is where I scored. We were in the same class yet different sections. It was a great relief as there was not much of a direct competition between the two of us. My bro, on the other hand was a topper in the class.

After all these similarities and dissimilarities, the fact remained that she was my dear sis and he was my naughty brother. That camaraderie was evident in every aspect of our growing up. We had devised sign language which could be decoded only by us.

We smiled at our secret conversation among the crowd and laughed heartily at the puzzled expressions of the people. We even got admitted in the same college but loitered in different group due to our different taste and choices.

Never did we ever expect that one day we will have to go away from each other. And the day too soon when she got engaged, obviously because she had came in this world 2 minutes earlier than me. On the day of her engagement I realised how much I will miss her. Her tantrums, her gossips, her bickering, everything! On her wedding date everything was perfectly fine her bridal refineries, make up and radiance on her face. She looked beautiful. In all these happiness, the thing that was not ok was the heaviness of my heart and the endless emotions that was hidden on the face of my brother. I was not able to express my sentiments and neither was he. But we chose not to play a spoil sport in her best moments. We remained quiet and kept myself busy in the preparations. All the events of wedding were completed smoothly and the time to bid her adieu arrived. I cried my heart out after embracing her as if the tears will convey all my feelings to her. She was equally overwhelmed and did not say anything and sat in the car and went away.

I went to our room and saw my brother sobbing on one corner of the bed. We both cried together for some time. Suddenly my eyes fell on the almirah shelf; I saw a wrapped gift of what looked like a frame. We quickly un-wrapped the gift and saw a beautiful digital portrait painting of three of us together. There she was wearing the same T-shirt which had become more vivid after vibrant paint strokes. Expert digital portrait painting by OilPixel, the best gift for you dear ones. My brother’s face exuded innocence and my smile radiated out of the frame. Then I looked at her hands which where folded denoting a particular sign in the digital portrait. I decoded it immediately. Her fingers signalled ‘I LOVE YOU’. I was elated and wiped my tears and understood that my loving sister shared every bit of what we felt for her. Yes we were sharing everything right from birth. And that idea of sharing was perfectly depicted on our bedroom wall as the fabulous digital photo painting.

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