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Memorable birthday gifts for best friends

March 12, 2020

True friendship is rare – and when you find one, you must cherish and treasure it. One way to show your appreciation is to give your BFF (Best Friend Forever) a memorable gift on her birthday. The problem is choosing this perfect gift. We have put together the perfect collection for you to choose from –

Who is your friend?

You know your friend better than she knows herself – that’s why she is your BFF right? So you know her likes and dislikes, hobbies, and … well, almost everything there is to know and some things that she perhaps does not know herself. So think about what she has recently been talking – or not talking – about – her wish list. Then pick something from there. Before you head out though, think about what you are getting her. Is it in her best interest? Will her family approve? After all, you would not want to spoil your surprise with negativity, would you?

Pet Portrait

Does your friend have a pet? Most people love their pets as much – if not more – as they love their family and friends. So, if your friend does have a pet why not get a portrait of her darling dog, cat, or other pet for her big day. It could be one of her most memorable birthday gifts you could give her – ever!

Look around her home – you have probably been there umpteen times – but look around anyway – and notice where she could put up the portrait. Does she have space on her living room wall or bedroom wall? Then assess the size of the space so that you can get a frame that fits – and of course, the artist will need a ballpark size for the portrait.

Then click a good picture of her pet to use as a model for the portrait. Who knows – your portrait may inspire her to start her own pet wall – which will give you a chance to gift her many more things to put on the wall.

Family Portrait

Portraits work for the family as well as they do for pets. Your friend may have taken dozens of selfies and pictures with her family. But rarely does anyone print them out these days– let alone framing them. Besides, no printed photograph can ever compare with the warmth of a handmade portrait anyway. So call the artist and have him put brush to canvas and create the most memorable birthday gift for best friend – if you can’t do it yourself. Why not give us a call and we will put our artists to work.

Memorable first birthday present

Okay! We know that your friend’s first birthday was decades ago! But that’s not the only first birthday she will ever have. Maybe it’s her first birthday after she graduated, committed to her boyfriend, got engaged, or got married. Have an artist create a wonderful memory of her big day and make it even more exciting than it already is.

Again, look around her home and pick a size for the portrait. Then let our artists do the rest. Oh! And don’t forget to select a picture – perhaps from her album – or get a good picture on your mobile. It is perhaps the most memorable 1st birthday presents you can give her – and one she will cherish for life.

Children’s Portraits

If people love anything more than their family or pets, they love their kids. All parents – and their friends – take cute photographs of their kids as they are growing up. In this digital era though, old pictures are soon lost in the effort to keep the storage junk-free – and when your friend travels down memory lane what does she have to show for her journey?

A portrait of her children can be the most loving gift you ever gave your friend – or for that matter anyone.

For Old Times’ Sake

As we adapt to digital living, we deprive ourselves of family values and bonding. Family is, however, rarely far from our minds and there are times when we meditate upon the good old days. One of the best gifts you can give you BFF is an old family photograph that has been restored and framed.

She can hang it on her bedroom wall or start a family wall with it. The restored picture will not only revive good times she spent with her family and friends but also create a legacy that she can pass down to her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

A truly memorable gift don’t you think?

Your best friend’s birthday is a special occasion. Make it even more so by gifting her the most memorable birthday gifts of her life. Call +91 (79) 400 98 388 now or email us on for more information on portraits, paintings, and restoration.

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