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Make a gift of time

Make a gift of time

February 26, 2014

“Capture the perfect moment of your life and preserve it for posterity in a piece of custom art.”

When years are passing by like days,
And in my hand your hand is placed,
A knowing smile crosses your face,
A simple touch can still make my heart race.
When I can see my soul in yours…

Wedding portraits are not mere memories frozen in time and preserved for posterity with finesse that would refresh sepia-tinted memories and give eternal joy. They also capture every fleeting expression of joy and happiness that the new couples’ resplendent faces and preserves the twinkle in the eye with such fineness that makes you want to gaze at them for hours at an end.

Most people keep photo albums of their wedding day well preserved, but how many have a wedding oil portrait done – to capture one, brilliant moment?

A wedding day is often the most important day in the life of a man and of a woman who are to become husband and wife. After the ceremony, the two are going to embark on a new journey, start a family, laugh, cry and share their dreams. The day they embark on this journey cannot be summoned back or recalled – unless, they have captured it in an art form. Often the memory of this big day is so precious that any bride or groom would want to stop time and let it last forever – if only wishes were horses that could fly!

But as a second good alternative, why not immortalize that special moment in a personalized and customized wedding digital portrait of the blushing bride and the dapper groom?

Portrait would be the best way to keep that moment alive and etched into their memory forever.

What do you think really saves a wedding when the big day is all over, the guests have returned home, and gradually the flush of new love begins to ebb?

The memory of that Big Day, no doubt.

In the Christian tradition, the top of a wedding cake is frozen and eaten a year later (although it never tastes as good as on the wedding day). We also celebrate anniversaries – but it’s not the same. The wedding dress that we lend to the next generation is also unlikely to appear as pretty as it did on the first bride. And photo albums get worn, moth moth-eaten edges, collect dust!

Only a portrait of the couple on a canvas has the longest shelf life and it’s a work of art that never grows old and can bravely withstand the wear of time. Nothing will please a young couple more than seeing a beautiful portrait painting of themselves taking a place of pride on a wall of their newly-done up home.

Yes, weddings are all about sharing in someone’s happiness and joy and the excitement of starting a new life together! Capture the elegance of this day on a wedding portrait.

Although no man-made material ever lasts, portrait painting on canvas will last longer that photo albums. Your gift would stand out among the usual, sundry picture frames, vases, life style products, home decor items, and other ho-hum gift ideas.

If you want to be remembered as the person who gave the most thoughtful wedding gift, go for the digital portrait painting. Use one of the best candid photos taken at the wedding and have turn it into an amazing painting that will become the new couple’s first family heirloom.

It’s so quick and easy to order and the finished painting will arrive at your doorstep -or the couple’s, if that’s what you choose – before the wedding or on the day they return from their honeymoon!

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