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Right Photo for Your Canvas Print

How to choose the right photo for your canvas

November 27, 2023

Life is beautiful and exclusive. The essence that makes life even more valuable is the ongoing moment. “Life is about the moments you create.” which means life is about cherishing, celebrating and living every moment to its fullest. The moments that you witness with all your consciousness are the moments that transform themselves into memory. Consciousness mainly objectifies the emotions you go through in the stretch of that particular moment. It can be happy, disgust, sadness, anger, or something else. But, all those moments that are special to you and are very close to your heart evolve into a life-long memory if you capture them forever. These memories are the stills of laughter, captured milestones, glances or any person or monument in the frame.

Capturing emotional moments from a camera is essential to preserve the moments for future generations. Some of you will say, “Our mind is the best camera in the universe!”, which is undoubtedly true. Although the memories in our mind can be explained or revealed, it is difficult to make everyone see the exact image in your mind has captured. Therefore, having a physical/hard copy of your most treasured memory is more preferable.

However, if that particular moment is close to your heart, it must remain close to your eyes. What could be better than a large canvas copy of your most beloved photo, complete with fine details and improved quality? But how do you select the Right Photo for Your Canvas Print for personalized canvas painting?

Let this blog guide you in detail.

High-Quality Images

Selecting the Right Photo for Your Canvas Print can be confusing, especially when choosing from the available choices for the same photo. High-quality images are the first and most important point to remember while selecting photos. An image that is clear and sharp with the right color balance passes the High-Quality image bar.

Another thumb rule in the selection process is choosing pictures with higher pixel counts. For high-quality images, pixel count usually ranges between 150 to 360 PPI, which results in good quality and clear prints. So that the picture doesn’t get blurred while expanding or enlarging an image on the canvas. If the image expands without bulging, according to the size during expansion, it is the right image for canvas printing.

Canvas Size

Selecting the ideal shape and size of the canvas is one of the important steps for choosing the right photo for your canvas print.

It is more about the quality and significance of the material. Canvas size and shape directly impact the final and overall look of the canvas art. Let us see for an instance, a vertical rectangular canvas is suitable for depicting a portrait as a canvas print. A vertical rectangular canvas can cover the topic without removing any crucial details. Providing better and superior covering.

If you have to shift the focus on the subject’s face (person’s face in the image), opt for a square frame.

For landscape-style canvas art, try using horizontal frames for best results. Also, check the size and format of the image you wish to print on Canvas. The photo should not be either too small or too big, just the original size. If not, correct the size by taking the width and height as 1080 x 1080 pixels.

Photos come alive!

The steps mentioned above are to expand the photo over the canvas and choose the right photo for your canvas print. But, if you wish to glorify your old photo into a personalized canvas painting, oil painting is the best option. Oilpixel being one such platform, provides services for transforming your favorite photo into custom oil painting. With our services, you don’t get a simple canvas with your beloved photo but a canvas filled with colors and emotion. Also, it adds a smile worth a million dollars to your face and a vivid memory to treasure.

The rich texture, depths and intricate details of the object in the image appear so perfect on the canvas, that it feels like a living portrait. The 3D type effect on the pictures makes the image/photo come live on canvas. Due to high pigment concentrations, oil paints produce rich, vivid colors making them lively. With oil paint, the visual appeal of any artwork gets enhanced by the depth and intensity of the hues, which leaves a beautiful and lasting impression.

If you are looking to avail our custom canvas portrait painting services, Oilpixel is always there to paint a memory, that too digitally. Just mail us or DM us on Instagram or visit Oilpixel to know more.

Conclusion: No Technicalities, Just Feelings

Selecting an ideal photo for your canvas is not a tedious task. It just needs some attention as it is the matter of heart or personal feelings. It’s all about the actual times, sincere feelings, and heartfelt memories you wish to preserve. Go through the pixels, but remember to trust your intuition.

Ultimately, the canvas is more than just an indication, a mirror of the genuine, raw beauty that makes your narrative entirely original. It is the desire that manifests into reality.

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