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How can I turn my photos into Digital Art?

How can I turn my photos into Digital Art?

August 16, 2021

Photos reflect profound moments that we have lived in our past. They capture a precious time, person, feeling, place or story, and freeze everything with just one click! Photos help you to live in the present while still embracing your past. They tell you a story, what life “was like”, and teach you a lot about history in general. They help you associate with someone whom you’ve just been reading/listening to in stories. If you wish to relive some of your funniest, lovable and emotional moments again, nothing would work as best as just glancing at a picture. They will be a massive shoot-up to all your desired emotions. Photos become dearer to you when the person who is in the snapshot stays far away from you or has left for their heavenly abode. It is the only thing that comes in as a rescue.

However, we still struggle to keep them restored properly. Many factors contribute to damaged, blurry and overlapping photos. Some of them are because of spilt water, humidity, dust, over-exposed or under-exposed sunlight. Keeping them tightly boxed for a long time also causes a significant amount of damage. With technological advancement and widespread digitalization, it is easier to preserve pictures these days. Especially for the traditional photos, old photo restoration is just the best rescue. Contact us for more details.

Now, you must be thinking what else can be done to preserve these moments? Thankfully, the world is digitally driven now and the best option you have is to get your photo turned into digital art. It’s a sad reality that time passes very quickly, and we really look forward to some great ways to keep in touch with our memories. Art helps in making your engagement much deeper with what already exists in your head. Especially in the form of a painting. Traditional forms of paintings are evergreen, but there are great pros of getting a digital portrait done:

A digital painting takes a maximum of 8 hours to be painted. They won’t take weeks or months.

You don’t have to worry about them getting spoiled, their longevity is for years to come.

If there is anything that you wish to change, even at the last minute, digital art permits you to do so, unlike traditional ones, where it’s a big task to do so!

You can add beautiful backgrounds to such paintings. You just have to brief our in-house professional artists at Oilpixel, they will do anything to make you 100 percent satisfied with the digital portrait.

Now, you must be curious as to how these digital paintings are drawn? Here are a few steps which might look simple, but requires loads of precision and hard work:

  • Firstly, you are supposed to send the HD copy of your image to us via e-mail or our compatible website uploader. The image should be in the format of JPEG, TIFF or PNG and it is preferred that the file should be greater than 1 MB file size or in 3000 pixels and the resolution should be 300 pixels/inch.  You can upload files up to 100 MB through our website uploader, we will provide you with our FTP site.

Also, We have a team of experts to reduce the pixelation before starting the digital art.

However, if all this still makes you clueless about the above-stated procedure, you can ask for Oilpixel’s assistance. Always happy to help.

  • Once you send us the photo, we arrange it in the best suitable size possible. The resolution is thoroughly checked and corrected with the utmost attention. This makes it further eligible for a splendid digital oil painting from photos.
  • Now, with the help of photoshop, the painting’s background is set up with lots of focus. We believe that having the right background is the key to a masterpiece, it lifts up the aura of your digital art magnificently.
  • Now the next step is the colour correction and selection process for your painting to have that originality touch. Post this, the final colour leveling, brightness, and contrast of the painting is set.
  • Finally, the Corel painter software is used. With the help of the Wacom Tablet, a blending of the colours is done. This is supposed to be a very time-consuming task with lots of minute details.

Years down the lane, let your future generation cherish a subtle form of love and affection from their ancestors with the help of this unique piece of digital art. It is a great way to bond, also to keep in touch and most importantly, remember the ones who gave loads of lessons to live. By now, if you have made up your mind to get a hand on this elegant gesture, a digital painting online for your beloved one, you can feel free to reach out to us at @oilpixel (Instagram), (e-mail) or call us at +91-79-40098388. Get your digitally painted masterpiece at any corner of the globe with us! Time to paint up the old photos digitally colourful with Oilpixel.

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