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Deals are sweeter when you get them for free – Digital Painting Free Give Away

Deals are sweeter when you get them for free – Digital Painting Free Give Away

November 17, 2014

Here is your once-a-million chance to have your favourite photo transformed into a digital masterpiece, with longer shelf life!

Art has traversed all boundaries because it is one of the few mediums where the meaning can be solely defined by the viewer. Recent leaps in digital technology now enable artists to create masterpieces that can be accessed and appreciated by connoisseurs across the globe. Thus, digital art has not just expanded the meaning of art but also increased its shelf life and accessibility to the art world.

Before the camera, the role of an artist was to represent the real world, as he/she “saw” it. Today, art and the way we approach a subject has lent many more dimensions to it, implicit, for instance, in the huge popularity of selfies. Every ‘selfie’ clicked even though of the same subject opens a new ‘window to the world’ and presents the subject in a refreshing new light, any which way he/she wants to be ‘seen.’ With the use of computer-mediated art and the use of this innovative technology in oil paintings, we are now looking at the next major leap in the evolution of art. And fittingly so, because the way art is defined itself is undergoing a sea change!

Excited? You here’s your chance of winning a free gift from, under the “Digital Painting Free Give Away” Facebook campaign. Participation in the campaign is extremely simple. All you have to do is:

Step 1: Login to your Facebook and Join Oilpixel Event
Step 2: Invite your 25 Friends to Event –  more invitations, better the chances of winning!
Step 3: Register your entry by clicking on the registration link posted there.
Step 4: Like Facebook Page :
Step 5:  Upload your favorite picture (Individual / With loved ones)on our event Page
Step 6: Now get maximum Likes on your picture. More the Likes, better your chances of winning the campaign.

Before you select and submit your favorite picture on’s facebook page, please note that family pictures are not accepted. More than 2 figures in the pictures are also not accepted. Ideally, you should upload a picture that captures a beautiful moment of your life! A memory of which you want to preserve forever!

To quickly run you through the terms and conditions:

Selection Criteria: 
Likes+Invites would both be counted to qualify for a win.
The photo that you submit should be of good quality (This criteria our team will decide)

Winning Prices!
The winner will receive a digital painting worth $350(20” X 24”)
The first runner up will receive a digital painting worth $300(18” X 23”)
The second runner-up will receive a digital painting worth $230(16” X 20”)

So what are you waiting for?
Hurry up! Click on the “Event Link” on and claim your prize!

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