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Digital Oil Painting: Best Farewell Gift for a Coworker

Digital Oil Painting: Best Farewell Gift for a Coworker

July 28, 2021

Working for almost all day long has been a mandate to all of you out there to thrive a decent living. Some of you might be working for a standard of 6 hours, some might be compelled to work beyond the usual capacity, till like 8-10 hours. A monotonous routine creates a very frustrating and tiresome impact on the brightest of minds. We all need a big source of motivation as a booster to help everyone get back to the respective work with more enthusiasm. Apart from doing what your job demands, you have zillions of other tasks to do. You have meetings to attend, tasks to sort, rejuvenate your ideas, and socialize with your co-workers! There is so much juggling already between your personal and professional lives. Well, offices are fun too! You can start decorating your office spaces with unique artsy stuff like a digital oil painting for that matter.

You get to learn a lot from the people around you, take up their good habits and way of thinking or creating. If you are lucky enough, you might have found your ideal co-worker to share some gossip with, crack some jokes with, have a cup of coffee with, and get some good life and professional learnings from.

Might as well happen that the ideal friend that you were looking for all this time in the huge crowd turns out to be the one with whom you share your workspace! Isn’t it just perfect? This stress-buster, cheerleader and emotional support system suddenly become like a family member to you. Simply passing a day without them at work would land you to just bang your heads in anger to have left you alone just like that for the day! But when the reality hits and you find them leaving your work companionship, you can gift them a digital oil painting as a thank you gesture for sharing such a valuable time.

You can choose to ditch the boring obvious ways of gifting with more sentimental gifts like that from Oilpixel. Apart from this, you can also go for some exclusive gifting options like:

Some exclusive personalized gifting options can be:

  • A compliment book: All this time, you might have not got a proper opportunity to thank your go-to co-worker. How about doing something old school with some sweet piles of compliments. Penning down some unsaid comments about them will not only hit them up very differently but will also leave them in tears. You can get this book customized with their digital oil painting printed on the book cover to make the gift very personal. Watch them laugh over your emotional and quirky compliments and make it very memorable. Oilpixel will help you attain the perfect strokes of their digital painting.
  • A photo frame with digital oil painting: A photo frame with a normal snapshot is too mainstream. Yet a photo frame stands as a very traditional and thoughtful way of showcasing your love. With Oilpixel, you can add a twist to the digital days by getting a digital portrait painting online. You will get in on an archival canvas. You also get to have a soft copy for you to fix it in your favourite frame flawlessly.
  • Personalized signature book: You never know who secretly admires you or your work, so to give them the best touch of your office and for them to carry the final vibe along, you can ask all your co-workers to write a secret message for them. Whatever they wanted to communicate all this time, about their particular achievement, their personality etc. What a wonder it would be for your co-worker to find out so many surprising and never-known things about themselves! You can get your friend’s self-portrait painting done right on the cover of this beautiful book.
  • A self-care box: You can also gift your co-worker friend with a refreshing self-care box. Make sure you add all the essential bath salts, spa kits, aromatic massage oils etc. This box is going to be a big relief for them during their overburdened days and this is going to calm them because of the healing properties that such products possess.
  • A Notebook with digital oil painting cover: When your coworker is all set to switch to his new professional journey, this will be a great reminder from him, of your moments spent together. You can gift them a notebook with a beautiful duo picture digitally printed on the front. As and whenever they open this, he is going to feel nostalgic and cherish all your happy times spent together at work. With Oilpixel, this digital masterpiece will be created just right with crisp details and all your specifications will be taken great care of!
  • A desk calendar: The risk of losing out on important meetings and deadlines can now be painted away. By gifting a desk calendar, your friend can have these dates and days right in front of his eyes, as a strong reminder from him to re-energize and work for his goals! This will help as a great source of keeping his procrastination at bay. To give it a fancy and familiar touch-up, you can get a print of digital portrait painting online on it. Their tiresome moments will be lifted with a bright lively smile after looking at this happy calendar. Let them flip through the months with an excited face!

We at Oilpixel, believe in painting with precision. Our professionally trained in-house artists create every masterpiece with utmost love and care as if it were their order! Buy such personalized gifts to amaze your loved ones with the distinctness that they give. You can also gift them a couple digital painting and show a kind gesture to their better half as well. Along with this, you can also get one done for yourself and avail 10 percent discount on the total order!

We also provide photo restoration services so you can gift them a restored painting of their beloved parents or grandparents who are no more and make their last day at work more special with you. To place your orders, you can simply reach out to us at @oilpixel (Instagram), (e-mail) or call us at +91-79-40098388. You can expect the delivery within the next 10-12 working days. Be it any corner of the world, we deliver painted happiness worldwide.

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