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Best Surprise gift ideas during Covid19 lockdown for your dear ones

April 15, 2020

If you cast aside your fears of #COVID19 pandemic for a moment, and transport yourself to the good old days, when all you had to do to give a surprise gift to a dear one was order it on Amazon or Flipkart and have it delivered within a week!

Elementary, wasn’t it?

But these are difficult times, even Amazon and Flipkart deliveries are temporarily stalled due to the COVID19 lockdown, so what can you do to keep up yours’ and your loved ones’ sagging spirits?

One great idea is capture a few candid, great moments of how you spend your time with your family during lockdown and place an order with, and recreate these memories long after this nightmare is behind us and life returns to normal again. It could be anything – a self-portrait painting; an oil painting of kids or an oil painting of family in lockdown mode.

Trust us, that day is not far now. The whole humankind is on a fervent search of a cure or a vaccine for COVID19, and the breakthrough will come sooner than later. But what we are going through now; this moment will not come again, so why not make the most of these moments, organise a photo shoot with your family; pick the best of the lot and upload it here to book an oil painting of your best memories that will last you for many years to come?

Those were the times!

Did you know that “delivery” has consistently been the top-searched keyword on Google since 2004?

And, most interesting, searches related to “birthday delivery” rose to a three-month high in the run-up to and after the UK declared a lockdown!

You don’t have to spent a lot to make someone’s day special

If there is a birthday falling during the lockdown days, other than a personalized video message to your loved one, also send them an image of the self-portrait painting that you have booked for them from, and it would get delivered to him/her in two weeks, by which time, the lockdown would have also lifted. Imagine the surprise and delight on his/her face then!

Undoubtedly, at present the whole world is caught in midst of an unprecedented crisis and staying at home is the only option left with us to flatten the curve. But that shouldn’t mean that during these troubled times; you can’t spread a few smiles around. As you can’t step outside the house to handpick a gift, think of a novel way of surprising your loved one on her upcoming birthday or anniversary with a digital oil painting made from a photo?

You can also make this happy gift to family members or friends living several thousand miles away from you, as well, only the delivery would happen after the lockdown is lifted. But wouldn’t the delight on their faces well worth the wait?

These are the days when brands across the world are thinking of innovative ways of spreading happiness even among customers, who are holed-up in their homes in quarantine.

Capture your bake love on oil!

Now is the time to potter around in the kitchen with your child and trying backing a cake, something you have never done in your life before! Then capturing the moment on camera and having it converted into an oil painting?

We are sure you too would have stumbled upon this video of a set of Scottish parents, who made special efforts to engage their two toddler sons in a make-belief role play, wherein they convert their home into a restaurant. While the little boys pose as guests, the parents pose as waitress and chef taking their orders for the day! Within hours of being posted, the video went viral across the world!

Take inspiration and do something equally wacky with your child today and have that unforgettable moment converted into an oil painting.   You could try doing this role play in costume with props and that would make an even more wonderful painting to hang on your walls and be reminded of those difficult times together, with a smile.

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