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Best gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

January 23, 2021

Yes, Valentine’s day is here and the quest to find the perfect gift for our loved ones has already started. But before you rush up and decide anything, we want to talk to you about the perfect gift. This article will help you to rethink the way you look at gifts. So, let’s choose a gift that will make your partner feel great and make this Valentine’s day special for them.

Couple Portrait Painting 

While there are zillions of products to choose from, we want you to focus on one which can make this day memorable for your partner. Thoughtful gifts can help us create wonderful memories. A couple portrait painting can help you do just that. You may think, why is this gift going to be so special? Well, for that you need to understand some key aspects.

Gifts and Stories

Mr. Piyush Pandey is the brain behind the classic cult advertisements like Luna, Fevicol, Onida, Vodafone and many more. In one of his TED talk, he quoted, “Give me facts and I learn. Give me the truth and I believe. But, give me a story and I remember.” This is the power of story. As human beings, we absolutely love and enjoy our connection with stories. Remember, the first time you learnt to ride the bicycle or to swim, or when you wrote a poem for someone or the looted mangoes from childhood days which tasted the best. All of these memories are still fresh at the back of our mind. Do you ever wonder why? Because these are not just the moments. There is a story behind each of these moments. And it’s the story that makes these moments worth remembering.

Pictures Seizing Perfect Stories

The emergence of smartphones has put powerful devices in our hands, and clicking pictures became an integral part of our day to day lives. Our smartphones are capable of clicking great pictures. Though not all of us are pro photographers, there are times when we do click a few good pictures. These pictures seize some perfect moments. These pictures are capable of bringing euphoria, nostalgia, & joy to us. That one special picture from your last trek to mountains, or the one from the jungle safari, when your heart started pounding after sighting the tiger, all these pictures are special because of the stories and real experiences attached to them.

Photo to Digital Painting

While pictures are beautiful and complete in their own way, the limitation with even the most perfect pictures is their abundance. Where do these pictures find their place? Most of the time on the cloud or a hard drive and occasionally on our social media accounts. There are some respectable exceptions, when a few pictures get printed and framed or land on office desks.  Paintings, on the other hand, are destined to seize a place on our walls. That’s what makes them special. And this is the very reason we believe that a Couple Portrait Painting from OilPIxel for your loved ones can be a great gift this Valentine’s day. This is because of two simple reasons. Firstly, it gives you a choice to choose your favourite picture. From the many memorable stories, you can select the most fascinating one. Secondly, none of the recipients of our digital paintings has ever kept them inside a cupboard or a closed trunk. This means that this painting will land in a place from where it will keep reminding your partner the story behind it, and of course, the person who made that story everlastingly memorable for them.

How to get a digital painting? 

So if you want to recreate an emotional story with a painting for your partner this Valentine’s day, OilPixel is here to help you in this quest. All you need to do is sit down and browse through your pictures. Well, this can be tricky and a little confusing as there are probably a few hundreds of pictures on your drive and you will be selecting one from those. But, take your time. This stage is very crucial and important, because you are not simply selecting a picture, but choosing a cherished memory. And the digital oil painting is going to keep that special story alive for a long time. So give it a thought. Once you finalise the perfect picture, then you can visit our website and click on the order now tab. You can upload the picture and fill in necessary details and click on get quotes. Our team will get back to you at earliest and help you out with your order.

What do we do?

We receive an image and necessary details such as dimensions from you. We listen to your expectations and then put some thought about the style and texture. To cut the technical story short, we recreate the entire image on a digital canvas. Just like the real canvas, where an artist plays with a brush and paints, our artists at OilPixel put their soul in creating the digital painting. They ensure that every minute detail from the picture is covered. One may not realize at the first glance, that on an average, every single painting takes 12 to 15 hours just to get completed. Some restoration paintings may take even longer. Your digital couple portrait will take around the same time. It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s worth each smile that it spreads. We finalize the painting only after we receive approval from your end. Since these are the digital paintings, there is a scope to do the changes related to the background and some effects, before finalizing.

So, while we will work on bringing your couple portrait to life there are some things that you may want to do.

What can you do until you receive the painting?

At the time you will be handing over this beautiful gift to your partner, it is going to be a really special moment for them. So how about planning a perfect surprise for your partner? If you are confessing your love to your partner for the first time, then it’s a good idea to have time reserved for just two of you. If you will be giving this gift to your existing partner, you may consider the friends and family in for the surprise. There are infinite ways in which you can get creative to plan a perfect surprise. And we want you to explore them.

How will you receive your Oil Painting?

Most of our clients opt for a printed copy of the digital oil painting. These painting roles are then carefully placed in PVC containers to prevent wear and tear during shipping. Once the painting reaches your home, you get those framed from your trustworthy local craftsman.  And since this is going to be a gift, don’t forget to gift wrap the painting. You may also write a beautiful message conveying your feelings and place it along with your special gift.

Why our paintings are special?

Every project at OilPixel is special as it helps us connect with people at a more personal level. We cherish this small journey with you, and the nature of our work is a way beyond transactional. We consider ourselves lucky as we get to play a small part in the stories of your lives. A surprise planned by a young daughter for her parents or a couple portrait gifted to a newly married couple by their friends or an old torn image of grandparents restored into a beautiful painting, we get to live each of these stories. These small moments are the source of our happiness and it keeps motivating our artists to create good work. You can go through our testimonials and listen to some of our clients across the world. The love and appreciation our artists receive regularly is a testament to their hard work.

Continuing the story

So, once you receive your digital oil painting what would you like to do? Valentine’s day is a celebration of love, and we wish you a happy one. For those who are confessing their love to their partners, we wish all the very best. And those who are making this Valentine’s day memorable for their partners with our digital paintings, we wish them the very best too. Your moments are yours and we respect that. However, if you would like to make us a part of your story, you can do that by sharing the pictures or short videos of that beautiful moment on your social media handles by tagging us. We will be happy to hear from you.

Founders of OilPixel were moved with an idea of creating art that will spread smiles and happiness. With these paintings, people take a moment to appreciate their emotions, which is a testament to the efforts of our artists, and it’s the love of you all that makes it possible for us. We are just a few clicks away to help you create a beautiful memory.

You can check out our gallery to take a closer look at our work. Please feel free to share this article among your friends if you think this can help them decide a perfect Valentine’s day gift this year. What are your plans for this Valentine’s day? You can tell us in the comments section.

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