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Art – Existing in a parallel world of inner experiences

Art – Existing in a parallel world of inner experiences

June 6, 2016

While we push on with our mechanical lives, facing non-stop challenges daily, we hardly get the time to appreciate the beauty around us.

How long has it been since you looked at a painting and thought what inspired the artist to capture it in that way?

Have you ever watched a performance that moved you to tears?

Have you ever felt your feelings come into life after listening to a song on the radio?

It is these magical moments that remind you that life is NOT a struggle that you have to face all alone.

Art is something that can help you connect with others, directly as well as indirectly, and share your emotions with them either as an observer or as a creator. Apart from helping you through tough times, it also lifts you on a higher plane during good times.

Art is magical

Creativity comes with no limits. With a few strokes or molds of clay or by putting bits and pieces together, an artist has the power to create something magical.

Art reminds us

  • That everything in life has a purpose, however small it may be.
  • That we can accomplish our goals with small little things.
  • One question might have many answers and one problem, many solutions
  • We can see the world in multiple ways and interpret too.
  • Flaws can make things look more beautiful.
  • Objects that appear unfinished have a certain mystery surrounding them.
  • When you flow with the tide, ideas automatically begin to formulate.
  • Qualitative evaluations are as important as Quantitative ones.

Qualitative evaluations are as important as Quantitative ones.

Art helps us express

There may be things in life that are hard to express verbally. In such cases art gives us a channel to express ourselves.

Art develops diverse perspectives

Not everyone in the world is the same. For happy co-existence, it’s important to understand other people’s perspectives, without judging them in any way. Art helps us in doing just this.

Art awakens the inner world

We are mostly focused on the external world and appearances. How is my hair, how am I looking and what do people think of? We are often dead to the inner world that exists in us. Art helps us unleash what lies inside. The magic that you experience doesn’t let you feel alone again. It can take you to a parallel universe in which anything you can think of can come to life, giving you that feeling of absolute contentment.

There are many things that great artists taught us through their art:

Frida Kahlo taught us to chase passion, chart our own life, be honest with ourselves, love deeply and transform our sufferings into something beautiful through her self-portraits and various other works.

Michelangelo, the Renaissance sculptor, engineer, poet and painter taught us that patience happens to be the prerequisite of creativity.

As per Leonardo who painted the Mona Lisa, art is something that can never be finished. It ends when the artist abandons it.

Bill Viola taught us to look at situations with lots of patience and consistency. Viola let situations take their own natural time while filming them. He very well knew that changes need to occur at their own time and if we happen to push them, we may tend to miss out on the best things in life.

Unfortunately, most celebrity artists died before even the world became aware of their work. However they were not motivated by rewards or recognition. They are not the goal of pursuing your passions.

Though the society we live in is obsessed with perfection, don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Many artists have learnt and taught us that the pathways to discovery are mistakes. It is not important to go with what you learnt in school. It is fine to break these rules and color outside those lines. Be different – Come up with your own unique style.

If you have that creative spark in you, it is fine to go ahead and create your own world of art. Don’t be bogged down by the comments from the critics. This is what the great artists went with and this is exactly the thing that made them so great!

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