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8-Best Gift Ideas for Corona Warriors

October 20, 2020

With the announcement of the countrywide lockdown, the life of each and every one of us came to a sudden halt. Our entire lifestyle took a dramatic U-turn with our lives and activities being confined within the four walls of our house. Along with the challenges, the period of lockdown was also seen as an opportunity to pursue the types of hobbies that people never got the time to practice because of the hectic routine. However, while this period was enjoyed by a lot of us by doing the cooking experiments, churning out the dalgona coffee, playing guitar, reading books, learning new courses online, and above all, spending quality time with family. However, this is just one way to look at the positives of lockdown.

With the coronavirus taking a toll on the health of citizens and spreading fear like wildfire, the lives of doctors, nurses, municipal workers, street sweepers, and officials at emergency departments, policemen, etc. were put at risk to safeguard our lives. Not just this, journalists, your daily milkmen, pharmacists, etc. made sure that you remain well informed and can go on with your daily supplies without any sort of interruption. Of course, we owe a lot to them for helping us every day so that we could live the times of pandemic with full security and safety. While many of us had the luxury to rest peacefully within the comforts of our home and unwind, the lives of the above-mentioned people became frantic and restless due to their 24*7 duty at work. As we are gradually moving towards the unlock period, it is time that we show our gratitude towards them with a gift. Of course, a gift is not enough but it can surely uplift their spirits and bring a smile to their face for the risks that they have taken to make sure that the lethal virus does not impact our lives.

Let us now look at the various kinds of gift options that can help us convey our thanks to them meaningfully:

Gratitude Trophy

For their selfless service, a gratitude trophy with a meaningful message conveying the kind of relentless service they gave to the nation and how thankful we are for that. This gift can be the apt gift as it can perfectly convey the emotions of the giver. This gratitude trophy can remain a proud remembrance with the person during his lifetime. We are sure this gift will prove to be overwhelming for both the giver and the receiver.


A watch from a premium brand can also be the perfect gift for the corona warriors. During this time of the pandemic, when these people gave an important part of their life’s time in service of others, let us gift them the gift of a watch to express our appreciation for the time they stayed away from their family and boldly came out of the safety of their home to protect us all.

Digital Oil Portrait Painting 

If you really wish to please your friend or family who has shown great courage by giving their service during this time of crisis, then a gift of self-painting can also be one of the greatest gifts. This gift with a small thank you note for their service will win their hearts and also adorn one of the corners of their home. Whenever they look at this digital portrait painting, they will remember you and this will also help to establish the strong bonds between you and your friend/family. Check out the website of Oilpixel that has a great portfolio of types of digital painting including photo restoration services, kids portrait painting, couple portrait painting, family portraits, etc.

Personalized T-shirt

If your corona warrior friend loves fashionable clothing, then a gift of a personalized t-shirt can also be great. A personalized T-shirt either with his photo when he was at service during the pandemic or just a message of thanks can really surprise him or her. You will find many online platforms where you can order a good quality personalized t-shirt or any other personalized gifts.

Cool Tech Gadget

If your corona warrior brother or sister is an absolute tech geek, then what can be the most wonderful way to make him feel special other than a cool tech gadget. The latest smartphone, smartwatch, camera, laptop, or anything else that he has a passion for can be really worth gifting. Read the online blogs on the types of various latest tech gadgets and choose one that suits your budget and his or her preferences.

Above are some of the gift options for corona warriors. However, you can also gift something that he or she adores the most. A gift will never be enough for their sacrifices, however, it will be the token of love and recognition for a lifetime.

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