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12 Unique Women’s Day Gift Ideas For The Special Women In Your Life

12 Unique Women’s Day Gift Ideas For The Special Women In Your Life

March 3, 2022

Women play a significant role in everyone’s life. Right from the day you step into this world, they nurture you with their best, fight for you and love and protect you insanely. The way they try to guide you throughout, sacrifice her joys for you. so that you can shine bright in your lives, is something very rare and special. They deserve to be treated like a queen, not only because women’s day is approaching but throughout their lives. So, let’s raise a toast for all the stunning and powerful ladies, surprise them with some Women’s Day Gift that they would have never expected.

We, at Oilpixel, a digital oil painting studio, believe that a thoughtful gift goes a long way. So, for you to shower them with some exclusivity and uniqueness, we have compiled a list of ideas that you can put into use.

Flowers/ Bouquet

For every event, flowers are always a safe and appropriate choice. And the best part is that they’re easy to come by! You can purchase a bouquet made up of roses, white lilies, tulips, or a bouquet made up of a combination of flowers! A bouquet of wildflowers could make someone’s day if you really want to go the extra mile for them.

Digital Oil Painting

Art can be one of the best forms of portraying your love for the women in your life. This is because art is a very personal, priceless and timeless gift. So, to express the depth of your love on women’s day, get a self-portrait painting done for them. They will get very emotional as soon as they receive it. That’s a promise, by Oilpixel.

Exclusive Jewellery

It is widely considered to be a woman’s most prized possession. One of the best gifts for Women’s Day is to purchase a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery that is both thoughtful and unusual. You may add a monogram pendant and wrap it in a fancy paper or a handcrafted box to make it even more unique. You’ll get bonus points if you buy something you know she’s been eyeing for a while.

Essential Oils Set

The gift of relaxation is the nicest gift you can offer someone, and essential oils are all the rage these days. Aromatherapy and essential oils have a plethora of advantages. Specific oils can be used to alleviate anxiety and tension; some can help you sleep better, while others can help you focus and clear your mind. Essential oils are the ultimate present for the women in your life because of these benefits and the fact that they’re so simple to check out.


This Women’s Day, bring nature inside! Give your loved one a low-maintenance plant that will liven up the room. Make a terrarium with charming figurines, tiny stones, and cute plants. A bonsai plant, Lotus Plant, ZZ plant etc. is also a terrific gift idea.


This is also on our list of safe Women’s Day Gift. If you’re not sure if she’ll appreciate flowers, chocolates, or plants, a quality leather purse is a safe bet. Purchase one that will go with almost any dress she owns. She’ll be pleased to see that you, too, have superb taste!

Personal Diary

For someone who enjoys writing down their ideas, a diary will be ideal. You can have the journal monogrammed with the recipient’s initials to add a personal touch. Additionally, include a little bookmark and a letter reminding her how unique she is.

Scented Candles

Scented candles in glass jars are both beautiful and fragrant. The smells, in particular, are designed to boost one’s positive emotions while banishing all negative energy from the home. It’s an excellent pick for a daring and ambitious woman.

Baking Kit

Baking has been thought to be therapeutic. You can put together a baking kit with cake moulds, flavours, essence, cupcake liners, sprinkles, fancy piping tools, and recipe books as a meaningful Women’s Day Gift. You may rest assured that you will be rewarded with plenty of baked goods for the rest of the year!

Wrist Watches for Women

Wristwatches have various advantages, the most essential of which is that they are lovely pieces that she can wear at any time. Before you go out and buy a watch, make sure you know what kind of watch she likes. A watch as a present demonstrates that you took the time to learn about her preferences. Trust us when we say she’ll feel incredibly special.

Chocolate Box

You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone on your present list who doesn’t enjoy chocolate! You can give an assorted box of chocolates or choose from classic milk or dark chocolate, flavoured chocolate, or an assorted box of chocolates. This not so expensive yet luxurious gift is the ideal present for this important occasion. You may take your chocolate gift to the next level by tailoring it to the recipient’s preferences.

Perfume Set

Giving someone a perfume demonstrates that you have given considerable attention to who the receiver is and what she would enjoy. It’s also something she’ll wear regularly. Last but not least, perfume is a unique gift because it is not something that is purchased frequently. Perfumes, with their wonderful packaging and lovely aromas, will show that the woman is well worth the investment.

We hope that you were able to decide what gift would best-suit the lovely women in your life. This Women’s day do everything that you can to make them feel super pampered and super loved. You can also plan up a candle-light dinner, a movie night, a romantic getaway etc. We would highly recommend you to go for digital painting this time, since it is something very unique and personalised at the same time. You can also get tips from Oilpixel’s professionals regarding all your doubts about the same.

Let us know in the comment section as to what you plan to give them, how you would do it and what were their reactions. We would love to know every bit of it.

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