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photo to digital painting

Important Digital Painting Techniques You Must Know

July 31, 2020

We all have heard this popular saying, “Artists are Born, Not Made.” Well, as mankind has progressed and has made innovations in every field, this saying does not hold true anymore.

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digital oil painting

How to Start Digital Painting- A Beginner’s Guide

July 27, 2020

How do you imagine a typical painter at work? One in shabby clothes smeared with different colors on it, completely unaware of the surroundings around him, deeply engrossed in colouring the canvas with his imagination and lying beside him a colour palette, different types and sizes of paint brushes and colours. Yes, a typical painter is someone who brings out the best on his canvas from the mess around him!

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family portrait painting

Tips to Shoot Awesome Pictures for Family Portraits

July 14, 2020

Family portraits are the beautiful reminisces of the time spent together with all the family members. That time, when each of the family members is actively involved in enjoying the togetherness, playing pranks on each other and creating the atmosphere full of fun and bonding, these memories can be preserved forever as family portrait painting.

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